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By | August 20th, 2018

Having great hair color doesn’t need to mean abandoning your lifestyle choices. Inspired by nature, Keune’s So Pure color line is Ammonia- and Paraben-Free, leaving your clients with a few more reasons to embrace its benefits. Now, we’ve got two more options that will have you falling in love with this line all over again. Luminous Pearl and Cover Plus are the latest collections in the range and with 6 new shades to choose from, the options are endless.

So Pure’s mild formula has both stylists and their clients falling in love with this natural range. Keep reading to understand more about what goes into them and how to utilize them on your clients.


How It Works:

Phytokeratin is a protein structure that rebuilds the hair structure. This combined with Argan Oil, Vitamin A, and E and the coconut base adds moisture that will leave hair soft, smooth and silky.

Of the shades, Keune Technical Director Amber Skrzypek said, “Grey Coverage and Blonding are two of the most in-demand services we do behind the chair. I love that we now have more options in both categories to make a stylists life easier. Cover Plus is the perfect option for 100% grey coverage. It can be used by itself to produce a rich beautiful end result, or they can be intermixed with any So Pure Natural or Fashion Shade to create a custom blended color for your guest. Luminous Pearl is an on-trend range that can be used for toning or lifting. I love using them as a low light on already blonde hair to create a multidimensional end result.”

The New Shades:


So Pure Luminous Pearl

The popularity of Pearl has gone from a trend to a movement and is now a staple in hair color ranges. By nature, pearl is a multifaceted color that can contains small hints of other colors within its luminescence.

*For best results, be sure to mix with So Pure Color Developer (3%, 6%, 9%) in a 1:1 ratio and process for 30-40 minutes.


8.23 Light Pearl Golden Blonde – This warm blonde shade will add depth to your clients’ color with a touch of luminescence. This is a great shade to add lowlights, a shadow root, or simply to touch up new growth.

9.25 Very Light Pearl Mahogany Blonde – This shade is beautiful as an all over color and will add an iridescent wash with a cool mahogany undertone.

9.72 Very Light Violet Pearl Blonde – If you want to ensure your clients’ tone doesn’t turn brassy, this shade is the perfect pick. Formulated with violet to cancel any unwanted yellow tones, the pearl will create a lustrous finish that will create a glow from the inside out!


So Pure Cover Plus

Formulated for the client who needs extra coverage – these shades will cover grey with a natural, glossy finish. With shades ranging from light blonde to medium brown, there is a range of colors to match your clients’ needs.


4.00 Light Brown – With this shade, your clients can embrace their deep brunette color with pride. Suggest adding a fun fringe or a blunt bob to accentuate this sultry shade.

6.00 Dark Blonde – This dark blonde shade is a beautiful way to cover greys and show off cascading curls. We love the shine it shows off with a bit of texture.

8.00 Light Blonde – We’re completely in love with the 9.25 Very Light Pearl Mahogany Blonde for the season ahead. Keep reading to see our detailed how-to and get the look for your clients!

A. So Pure Color Blonde Lifting Powder 1:1.5 So Pure Color Developer, 3%. B. NEW So Pure Color 9.25 1:1 So Pure Color Developer, 3%.

  1. Make two triangular sections by creating a center part that starts at the crown. Then, create two diagonal forward partings that extend down to the hair
line in front of both ears.
  2. Working from the bottom of the triangular sections to the top, take fine horizontal back to back slices. Baby lights can be foiled around the hairline.
  3. Apply Formula A to the hair, using foils and a hand painting technique
until all sections are colored. Process for up to 50 minutes. However, can be rinsed earlier if the desired result is reached.
  4. Rinse and shampoo twice with So Pure After Color Shampoo.
  5. Towel dry and apply Formula B from scalp to ends.
  6. Process for 30 minutes.
  7. Rinse, shampoo and condition with the So Pure After Color Program.


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