New Year’s Style Trending into Spring

By | December 17th, 2019

While the past few weeks were spent scouring online for must-have deals, untangling twinkly lights and considering that new gym – the next few should be spent brainstorming a brand new style 2020! This season, utilize a fresh start to plan a New Year’s style that will trend well into spring.

The New Year allows us to embrace new habits. Look at 2020 with fresh eyes and revel in the opportunity to set you and your clients up for a season – even a new decade – of successful style. We chatted with Keune Academy Trainer, Alicia Dixon, about the best way to guide clients this year by taking a deeper look at the trends of the season.

As temps cool considerably, Alicia suggests, “allow cuts and color to set everyone up for success as we head into the colder months!” Measure success this season based on a plan that you create between you and your client. More trust is earned if you both work together to achieve a common goal.

New Year’s Styles

If there is one trend we picked up this year, it is that low-maintenance styles are definitely in the spotlight. Alicia believes that “hair color for fall and winter doesn’t have to mean going lighter or darker or even warmer or cooler. When it comes to color – think about trying something that’s low-maintenance to support natural hibernating habits.”

Hair Color Tips

If you’re unsure where to begin, Alicia has a few tips for you!

Add a shadow root to your babylights. This will blend the base and give off the appearance of a lived-in look.

Go for a glaze instead of a touch-up. Instead of touching up highlights every 4-6 weeks, add a glaze to create shiny, refreshed locks.

Think about placement. Whether a face frame or getting the ends tipped out, create placement that has a low-maintenance root grow out.

Maintenance is key. If you’re watching your budget, glosses and deep conditioning treatments are crucial to maintaining your color. Healthy hair supports long-lasting color and responds better to styling!

Haircut Tips:

A haircut should represent your client’s style and adhere to their lifestyle and styling choices this New Year’s. This season, we’re seeing cuts that add movement and effortless style, which is exactly what Alicia suggests!

Add more layers. Adding texture and layers easily upgrade any style without compromising length. When done correctly, a shag haircut can have the most longevity out of any style.

Go for something different. Now is the perfect time to add bangs. With countless possibilities to coincide with hair type and face shape, we’re seeing that bangs truly open up the face and grow out quite beautifully for spring. *Pro-tip – Stay away from a blunt bang if you’re looking for an easy grow out.

Product Pick:

Keune Miracle Elixir Treatment is the ultimate luxury for an in-salon pick-me-up. It can repair up to 80% of damage after just two treatments. Alicia loves pairing this with a glazing service to give styles that extra boost of moisture everyone needs during winter, especially this New Year’s eve!.


Image Credits:

Style: Keune Academy Trainer Carrie Juhasz

Color: North America Create Color Ambassador for Keune George Alderete.

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