Low-Key Style Tips for the Time-Stressed

By | September 15th, 2020

While theres certainly a time and place for styling an intricate updo or the perfect polished blowout, theres something to be said for those fast, easy-to-achieve hairstyles when you only have moments to spare before an appointment or a zoom call. When you need to save time—not sacrifice style—try these low-key style tips!


Refresh Yesterdays Style

Luckily, you don’t need to start from scratch each time you’d like to craft a chic look. Instead, refresh second-day curls and waves with the help of a few key products. While dry shampoo is an option to eliminate oil from yesterday’s style; a great texturizer, like Style Dry Texturizer No. 61, will also add volume and sultry texture to reinvigorate your look. For best results, hold Style Dry Texturizer about 8-inches away from dry hair and spray onto roots and lengths. Then, work into the hair with fingers for even distribution. Your locks will have effortless volume and a perky new appearance!

If your second-day style just wont cooperate, pull hair into a loose, low bun for an effortless-yet-chic look. For a perfect finish, emulsify a small amount of Style Dry Paste No. 41 in between your palms and fingertips until powdery and work through dry hair starting at the roots, to absorb excess oil and leave hair refreshed. Afterward, gather hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck and twist into a chignon shape, pinning as you go. For a soft, ethereal effect, pull out a few face-framing pieces to complete the look.


Speed Up Your Blow-Dry

Whether at home or in the salon, the blow-dry is one of the most time-consuming aspects of hairstyling. If you dont have time to go through section by section for a perfect blowout, you can still achieve a polished look with a few simple tricks.

First, swap out your regular terrycloth towel for a microfiber towel. Not only are microfiber towels more effective when it comes to removing excess moisture, but they also reduce frizz, protect against damage, and add definition to waves and curls.

Next, reach for the right brush. Generally speaking, the longer the hair, the wider the barrel of the brush should be. Additionally, boar bristle brushes work best on thick, coarse hair, whereas ceramic brushes and combs are ideal for soft, fine hair.

To really speed up blow-dry time, choose styling products that not only offer heat protection (always important!) but that are also designed to save time.

On damp hair (think 75 – 80% dry), mist Style Instant Blowout No. 37 at roots through lengths. Style Instant Blowout not only dramatically cuts down drying time and offers heat protection up to 446°F delivering lightweight luster and shine. If you are truly pressed for time, consider a round brush dry on the face-framing sections and then rough dry the rest. Throw desired hair up into a nape knot or style into a braid to finish the look.


Embrace Hairs Natural Texture

Natural texture wins the moment—and for good reason! It allows you the freedom to embrace your unique individuality and work with your natural texture—instead of against it.  Embracing your natural texture saves a ton of time when styling, whether youre playing up your curls to get even more volume or working your waves into romantic French braids. Look for products that are designed to enhance your hairs natural texture, not fight it.

Remember to let go of the idea of perfection. After all, the best low-key hairstyles are not about having every single strand in place, but rather about creating an easy, effortless look thats all your own.

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