Achieve Lived-In Texture With Keune’s New BLEND Refreshing Balm

By | May 15th, 2018

If you’re looking for a new way to achieve lived-in texture, BLEND Refreshing Balm is the product you need to try! We all know that dry shampoo is arguably one of the best styling revolutions in recent times. No matter if you use it as a styling aid behind the chair or send your clients home with it to elongate their style, there is no denying its magical powers to transform any look.

Taking dry shampoo one step further, Keune’s latest release BLEND Refreshing Balm is one part dry shampoo and one part styling balm. This unique formula allows you to achieve matte texture and definition on all types of styles. Second-day hair with refreshed roots is now possible.



The Application:

Take a small amount of BLEND Refreshing Balm and rub it through your palms until it turns smooth and powdery. Then apply at roots to absorb oil and on the ends to add defined texture!


How It Works:

The BLEND Refreshing Balm uses a mineral named zeolite to work its magic. This sponge-like structure absorbs oil without depositing residue. While normal dry shampoo can leave behind a white or chalky residue, BLEND Refreshing Balm leaves you in the clear.


Why You’ll Love It:

From short pixie-crops to long flowing waves, BLEND Refreshing Balm compliments both men and women’s styles – because who doesn’t love lived-in texture?


Due to the fact that it is a balm instead of an aerosol, this product can easily be taken on the road for studio sessions or packed in a carryon for easy travel!


Last but not least, you will love this product because it won’t affect the vibrancy of hair color. You’ll be able to achieve the same oil-reducing effects without sacrificing style.


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