Ensure Your Clients Stay Stylish On Vacation

By | June 4th, 2018

Travel has always been a popular hobby, but now more than ever individuals are looking for new and exciting places to satisfy their thirst for adventure. With travel also comes creating highly Instagrammable images, which means your clients’ hair needs to be on point. Follow along to find out the best ways to ensure your clients stay stylish on vacation while fulfilling their inner wanderlust!

While getting there can be half the fun, it can also be part of the struggle as well. Help your clients get a jump-start on packing by guiding them to the right products, as this is the key to great hair on their adventure.

What To Pack:

Pick from 1 of 4 available travel kits available from Keune. No matter hair type or desired outcome, there is a pack perfectly designed for every client’s hair needs.


If your client is heading anywhere tropical or they have curly or wavy texture, send them off with a smooth kit before they board. Equipped with Keratin Smooth Shampoo, ConditionerKeratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray and Design Brilliant Gloss Spray all packed into a perfect little travel case. Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with keratin and Provitamin B5, these key ingredients add moisture and shine while nourishing strands. The boost of keratin the hair receives is essential to maintaining health while keeping the humidity at bay.


Whether it’s from the altitude, the change in water type or your client is heading to a climate that totally zaps their body, getting volume on vacation can be quite the challenge. Ease their hair woes on the road by sending them with Absolute Volume Shampoo and Conditioner followed by Design Mousse Forte and Dry Shampoo – a must-have no matter where traveling. Starting in the shower, Absolute Volume Shampoo and Conditioner utilize Provitamin B5 and wheat protein to nourish and plump each strand. Design Mousse Forte is the product that will really stabilize their volume; formulated with DLP² this will protect the hair against UV damage and environmental constraints to deliver volume throughout their entire trip.


Help them let go and get curly on vacation – because natural texture and holidays go hand in hand. Keep their curls under control with Curl Control Shampoo and Conditioner followed by Design Salt Mist and Press Wax to get a great style on the go. Curl Control is the best way to help your clients regain control of their natural texture, enriched with a natural wood pulp to improve the elastic qualities within hair – this is what will improve their curl pattern and cut down on frizz no matter what climate they are in. Sending them along with Design Salt Spray will change their life and we’re sure they’ll adopt this product when they return as well. Formulated with salt crystals to add control and DLP² to offer UV protection, this salt spray is a must-have for any time spent under the sun. 


Your clients aren’t sure if they want to rock their curls or fight the good fight for a smooth style? They can’t go wrong with our favorite essentials. When in doubt focus on caring for your hair – Vital Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner, Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray and Design Style Mineral Hairspray cover all the bases when you’re out and about. This shampoo and conditioner will give strands some serious TLC, moisturizing the inner hair structure and adding a barrier around damaged areas, leaving them with strong, healthy hair. Travel typically means dry hair for your clients, so make sure they (and their hair) come back to you feeling rested and nourished. Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray is the perfect conditioning spray to send them with. With a low pH to soothe the cuticle, it will add shine without weight and infuse their strands with keratin to restore hair.

Travel means never leaving home without your favorite Keune products, so be sure to pick up these travel essentials before you take off!

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