Why You Need To Try Keune’s Limited Edition Color Collection

By | June 15th, 2018

They say all good things come to an end, but they don’t always need to. Show of hands of how many of us absolutely LOVE limited edition collections? From perfumes to lipstick and our favorite hair stylers, as consumers, we all have a love for the limited quantities. Keune just launched LTE Color Collection, a limited edition of hair color for the upcoming year. These 5 fabulous shades are available for your clients for the next year. After this point, Keune will then decide which shades to keep based on what you, as stylists, love most! This is a win-win for everyone! Keep reading to find out why you need to try Keune’s Limited Edition Color Collection.

Although we love all of the shades, we want to know which ones you utilize the most!

Are you Flirty? (Semi Soft Pink)


Pink has been one of our favorite shades of the season, especially as an update to our normally blonde babes! This is a great way to give your clients a swift change just in time for summer. Designed to be used on a level 9 or higher this soft semi-shade is best utilized on light base colors and can offer a sweet rose flush for the ultimate romantic version of millennial pink.


Are you Playful? (Keune Tinta Color 6.28)

We think that pearl is one of the most underrated tones for brunettes. Adding a cool neutral to brunettes of all levels, and showing best on lighter tones, this is definitely a shade everyone should try! Our pearl tone is made up of 2 parts violet and 1 part red. So depending on what other tones it’s paired with, it can give a warmer or cooler end result. A glossy shade that shows off its nude sepia undertone in a spirited way, this can breathe a bit of life into any brunette, especially if you’re looking for a cool tone.

Are you Dreamy? (Keune Semi Color 10.81)

Dreamy beiges aren’t just meant for fabulous interior design – although we’ve loved their utilization in home design as well. Whether you’re a bright blonde or a highlighted brunette, Dreamy Beige is a tone that will add irresistible glow. With a primary tone of brown and secondary tone of ash it is a great blend of warm and cool that leaves blonde hair with a beautiful beige tone. This barista blonde is great for highlighting or after decoloring to neutralize unwanted tones and add a shade indicative of summer.


Are you Fierce? (Keune Tinta and Semi Color 7.24) 

If blondes have more fun, than brunettes pack more of a punch! This Fierce Taupe proves that point with its neutral finish and nonstop shine. A Medium pearl copper blonde that comes off as an ashy shade that appears to change color in the light. With a primary tone of pearl and a secondary tone of copper it is great as an all over color. You can also utilize this in a dual coloring technique to create depth and interest within your clients’ color.


Or, are you Proud? (Keune Tinta Ultimate Cover 5.1)

Who doesn’t love coffee? From the smell to the effect to the color, this creamy coffee brown is deep and tone and will not only cover greys but rid hair of brassiness as well. Designed for resistant grey hair coverage with a cool end result. Whether using it as an all-over color or to create satisfying lowlights, this light ash brown is the perfect compliment to any skin tone with its neutral effect.


Be sure to upload your favorite #ColorYourMood LTE Color Creations to social media and tag us @KeuneNAmerica to be entered in a chance to win the #ColorYourMood giveaway each month. Tag us and let us know which colors you love most so we can be sure to give you what you want!



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