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By | May 10th, 2018

The beautiful thing about this season (aside from the weather) lies in the inspiration that seems to bloom all around us. On the heels of red carpet events and the plethora of new styles seen at fashion week, this new season becomes all about making waves for your clients in real life. Want to get ahead of the trends? Keep reading to see some of our favorite ways to make waves this season.


No matter what type or texture of hair you’re born with, waves are a flattering style choice for anyone. The great thing about waves is that there are no rules to them. There is no perfect way to create the style and stylist can add their own twist to put their signature on it. To capitalize on the trends, we chatted with Amber Skrzypek, Technical Director, Keune Haircosmetics USA. Hear what tips she has for you!


Working with the natural texture of your client can be key to helping them achieve similar results when they don’t have you by their side.


Product Application Tips:

Prep the hair by applying Keune BLEND Salt Mousse in sections, working from nape to top. This will allow you to saturate every section evenly from scalp to ends. Blend Salt Mousse adds volume, texture and lift. It is perfect to add oomph to fine, thin hair and for curly girls who want bigger, beachier waves. 

Styling Tips:

When blow-drying make sure to direct the air in the direction you are pushing the hair. This will cut down on frizz and flyaways, while still building volume, setting you up for a more polished end result. Then, when adding waves to the hair, pick your iron size depending on the length of the hair. (Wider for longer and thinner for shorter).


Use horizontal, brick lay sections when working up the back of the head, then switch to diagonal sections around the face. This will ensure a complimentary style for any face shape.


To make sure waves last, clip each curl as you go to allow it to cool into the new shape. After it’s completely curled and completely cooled, release the pins and sprinkle Volume Powder throughout. Then, use a brush to put them into place, remembering to brush from scalp to ends every time.  Volume Powder is key because it is a matte texturizing powder that immediately gives you volume with a spectacular backcombing effect. 


Tips For Different Hair Types:


Straight Hair

While it may seem as though straight hair has it easiest, stylists know that often times it is not. You’ll need to add a bit of grit to the hair to get the shape to hold. Keune BLEND Salt Mousse is the perfect product to add texture to straight hair and once your clients see the results, they are surely going to want to take one home for themselves!


Wavy Hair

If you already love the way your wavy hair dries, then simply work with what you’ve got. Add Salt Mousse to strands while still damp to help them keep their shape and deter frizz and then a bit of BLEND Volume powder from roots to mid-shaft to create movement.


Curly Hair 

While curly hair most often holds styles the best, sometimes it can get stubborn. Curls can often weigh down the roots causing your finished style to appear lackluster. To pump up your look, add Keune BLEND Volume Powder to the roots and throughout the ends to lift and separate those tendrils. When blow drying, pull out some of the wave pattern (especially around the hairline) using fingers to cut down on frizz.

If you’re looking for more hair tips and tricks to try out on your clients, check out these articles and be sure to stock up on all your favorite Keune goodies just in time for the new season!

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