Keune Loyalty Club Heads To Switzerland!

By | May 2nd, 2019

Excitement is building as salon owners and stylists get ready for a trip of a lifetime. This month, Keune will be taking team members from nine salons—approximately 40 individuals—to Switzerland. This trip is part of the Keune Loyalty Club (KLC)! To learn more about the trip, we chatted with KLC Brand Manager, Rita Rubenstein, who filled us in on some of the thrilling details!



Who’s Going?

Team members from nine Titanium and Platinum salons will be embarking on education-driven and fun-filled journey with the Keune Loyalty Club. Titanium Salons include Winning Image Salon & Day Spa (Stafford, VA) and Miracles Hair Studio (Fayetteville, NY) and Platinum Salons include Stem Hair and Body Salon (Meriam, KS), Solutions Laser Studio and Spa (Rochester, NY), Solutions Day Spa (Kokoma, IN), Nicole Lee Hair Design (Wilmington, DE), Voga Salon (Overland Park, KS), Bellezza Salon (Omaha, NE) and Juel Salon (Franklin, TN).



What’s the 411?

Keune’s travelers will be staying in the quaint town of Basel, Switzerland. Hosted by our colleagues at Keune Switzerland, stylists in attendance will enjoy 2 days of classes! They’ll delve into Color Creation and learn about the newest styles for Blondes in a look-and-learn setting. Stylists will have a taste of international education to add to their skill set!



From a family dinner to free time to explore the city, the itinerary ensures that these artists are in for a big treat. Even more special, an extra special excursion will leave the group in awe, says Rubenstein! Stay tuned by following along on social media to see this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!



Stay tuned on social media @keunenamerica to see their travels! 

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