The Top Tips For Balayage

By | May 31st, 2019

Balayage is a French word that literally means, “to paint”. It has been a trusted technique to use behind the chair when a natural lived-in look is desired. While many clients now ask for the technique by name, there are certain details that should be discussed during the consultation to ensure they are getting what they want. Keep reading to see our top tips for balayage!

Placement Tips

Typically, balayage starts with a thin application near the root and stretches to a wider finish towards the mid-lengths and ends. Depending on your style and your client’s wishes, the level of lift, width of the section and placement can vary. The beautiful thing about balayage is the personal touch each stylist can put on it – it is truly a method of expression. As brands develop new products and stylists create new techniques and debut new shades, there are constantly new trends to pick up on.

The Consultation

During the consultation, you’ll want to inform your client they will not get the same look as they do with traditional foil highlights. The look is much softer and due to this might not be as bright right away. It can sometimes take a few appointments over time to get the lift they are looking for. However, by utilizing Keune’s Ultimate Blonde Freedom Blonde Clay Based Lightener, you’ll be able to achieve 7 levels of lift in one application!

Home Care

The next thing you’ll want to discuss is steps for home care. Taking care of color treated hair is key. A shampoo and conditioner treatment specifically for color will help prolong your style and improve the texture of your hair. If they are going brighter and blonder you’ll want to recommend a lavender-hued shampoo to keep brassiness at bay. Try: Keune CARE Silver Savior!

Our Top Tips For Balayage

To get a few expert tips, we chatted with Keune Academy Trainer Carrie Juhasz-Horton who gave us her top tips for balayage!

When it comes to the perfect application, Carrie notes, “Working behind the chair I like to hone my skills to perfect my application. Freedom Blonde’s kaolin clay-based formula helps ensure that I won’t have bleeding or unwanted color transfer.” Working with the right product combined with the proper tools allows you to reach color goals. “Other tools that can be helpful to prevent transfer and also insulate your product to achieve maximum lifting are foils, paper meche, or foam meche.”

Depending on your style and preferred method behind the chair, Carrie suggests including balayage films, which can be more than a little sticky. Her workaround? “I found an easy workaround by putting my film roll on a paper towel holder, making working with film so much easier and faster.” This will help cut down on your timing behind the chair and allow for quicker applications. “Combining film with cotton at the root not only insulates the color but also makes sure to keep the color off the base and prevents bleeding at the root when you want to take that beautiful balayage right up to the roots.”

Another useful tool that you might already have are rollers! Carrie says that “Velcro rollers are another quick and easy technique stylists are using to separate balayage sections.”

What are some of your favorite balayage techniques to utilize behind the chair? Be sure to share them in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @keunenamerica!


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