Get The Look: A Classic Gentlemen’s Style Featuring New 1922 Original Pomade

By | May 2nd, 2019

From classic Sinatra to the iconic James Dean, men’s styling is looking to timeless traditions as they take shape this season. Drawing on our very own foundation, Keune is embracing its roots as inspiration for its 1922 Classic Gentleman look! To know more about the style, we chatted with Keune Educator James Helton.


First Impressions

His first impression of the 1922 by J.M. Keune Original Pomade is “attitude”! He goes on to explain that most often, “when stylists think of pomade it is a shiny, soft product with little to no hold”. This is far from the 1922 Pomade that Keune has designed. Containing Creatine – which works to fortify the hair from the inside out – Original Pomade is the perfect answer with a hold factor of 7 and a shine factor of 10. When it comes to classic styling that stays in place and accentuates a cut, this is your hero product.


Deciding Between Products

If Premium Clay is too matte and Premier Paste is too strong, Original Pomade is the answer. “Whether modern or classic, long or short, it is THE statement product of the entire range,” says Helton. The other remarkable thing about this product is that while being a “stand out product,” Helton adds, “it is also able to blend with other products to produce an entire symphony of finish and hold possibilities.”


How It Fits Into The Range

Adding this to your range, it creates a complete set of amazing tools to deliver endless possibilities. Helton adds “It has the power to give your clients the attitude and polish they are looking for without being a ‘one hit wonder.’” This is just one more reason why it is one of his favorites!


Watch the video below and keep reading to see how to create a classic look using 1922 by J.M. Keune Original Pomade.





  1. Wash hair with one of the 1922 shampoo options. Towel-dry hair.
  2. Create a clean section from front to back with the tip of your comb. Use a fluid motion while combing.
  3. Work a pea-size amount of Classic Gel through the roots and massage with your fingers.
  4. Blow dry into a square shape to emphasize the cut.
  5. Apply Original Pomade at the section using your wide-toothed comb and style to create a slick look.


Be sure to contact your distributor to order your 1922 by J.M. Keune Original Pomade today!

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