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By | October 6th, 2017

Every stylist faces the challenges that salesmanship brings at some point in his or her career. This is why taking Keune Education’s True Business program is not only beneficial, but also essential for every salon professional. Simply put, True Business, which is offered this Nov. 12 and 13, at Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta (register here), teaches stylists tools to make more money behind the chair by looking at each guest’s visit as an opportunity to create an experience. This course will give you the script to build and generate more revenue to hit your six-figure goals.

“We all need help staying motivated to set goals to better our bests,” says Keune Educator Lindsay Rice, who developed the True Business program for Keune and will be leading November’s course

The Inspiration Behind the True Business Program

Rice was inspired to create the True Business course by her personal journey as a salon professional. “My inspiration for True Business came out of my desire to share my journey as a stylist with other stylists who may be struggling to get to their next level of success. My hope is that they will be inspired to try a few of the techniques that have brought me to my level of success,” explains Rice, who began her career as a salon assistant over 14 years ago and is the owner of Lindsay Meredith Salon in Libertyville, Illinois.

Since her first day in the beauty industry, Rice knew she wanted to achieve three things: make $100,000 net in 10 years or less; hire and train all the salon employees in the salon; and be a co-owner in 10 years or less. By the time she was 27, she had achieved the first two.

But like any entrepreneur, Rice didn’t find success overnight and continued education—including the “School of Hard Knocks”—played a key role.

“Along my journey, I had to learn how to evolve as a person to get to a heightened level of success behind the chair. At times, the learning experiences were painful,” she admits.

About the November Keune Academy Program

Six modules will be covered over the course of two days, including:

  • Return Guests—the lifeline to any salon’s longevity.
  • Liquid Tools—creating the ultimate triple win within the salon experience.
  • Consultations—the time during the service where you establish the guest’s needs, as well as provide upgrade suggestions.
  • Upgrades—giving your guest a value-added experience, where limitless financial advances are made.
  • Referrals—the essential piece to a salon’s future growth.
  • Reserving Time—offering guests their next dates with you.

In each module, stylists will discover tried-and-true communication techniques and methods to grow upon what they are already doing in the salon. In addition to lecture and conversation, Rice also implements a few fun, hands-on learning exercises to enhance and individualize the topics.

One example of the exercises the creative facilitator likes to incorporate into the course is creating a dream board of “New to Us” adjectives. “Oftentimes, when working behind the chair and consulting, we fall into a rut of using the same descriptive words. We forget that new words are right at our fingertips! Using all of the fun magazines at our disposal in the salon, the course participants make a list of the first 30 descriptive adjectives they see in the pages. We then share the top 10 we love, and incorporate the words into fun and easy-to-use consultation questions. This allows the stylists to ‘try on’ some new scripting that feels different and fun. I ask everyone to role play with me and each other using our new scripting. This activity is always super powerful and brings out ‘aha’ moments in person,” Rice explains.

Book a True Business Course Exclusively for Your Salon

If you are unable to attend the November True Business program at Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta, there is another exclusive option. You can book a one- or two-day True Business course at your salon. This course will be custom-tailored to your salon’s specific needs. Rice works with the salon owner to craft a program and handpick modules that speak to the true heartbeat of the salon and maximize learning in its areas of need. She will travel to your salon to facilitate the program.

“When education meets an open-minded stylist seeking to earn more income, there is an undeniable energy shift felt by everyone he or she serves. This shift not only inspires me to teach, it also motivates my tomorrows. Keune’s True Business allows me to teach my experiences behind the chair that over the years have helped me grow from a five-figure earner to a six-figure learner,” Rice says.

Reserve your spot in Keune True Business this November by booking here. For more information about a custom True Business course at your salon, please contact us here.

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