Keune Executives Visit Canada

By | October 4th, 2017

Members of the Keune Executive Team recently attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Calgary, Alberta corporate headquarters of Keune’s Canadian distributor, Modern Beauty Supplies.
The Keune executives included Mark Webber, vice president sales and business development, Rachael Hoffman, vice president marketing and brand development, and Donna DiNapoli, national store business development manager, who joined Keune’s Canadian colleagues Yves Henrichon, Canadian sales manager, Shauna Jones, regional salon specialist, and new Brand Sales Manager Melody Walker, north of the border. The day of sales presentations and lively Q&A sessions with Modern was designed to support Keune’s professional business through Modern’s field force and network of premium showrooms.
“Our recent participation at Modern Beauty Supplies’ AGM was a great reminder of why we agreed to be business partners in the first place,” says Webber. “With a shared commitment to the professional stylist and salon owner, Modern Beauty and Keune have together forged a wonderful business relationship in the Canadian marketplace. While we have seen spectacular full-line growth across all brand categories, the development of the Keune showroom business has been particularly gratifying, as both companies continue to focus upon this very important component of our brand’s development.”
With an aggressive growth strategy underway, Modern Beauty Supplies currently operates 14 stores, of which six opened in 2017. Store No. 15 opens shortly in Nanaimo, British Columbia, with three more opening in early 2018.
“Modern Beauty will have doubled its number of stores in less than two years. My goal is to give the store leaders, who are often working on their own, a helpful connection to Keune,” says DiNapoli, who recently celebrated her 16th Keune-iversary! “When they see my face or hear my voice, they think of the support that Keune provides to them.”
DiNapoli, who met one-on-one with store managers, also attributes Modern Beauty’s phenomenal store growth to Keune’s aggressive sampling program. “Modern Beauty has bought into the new Keune Travel Bar completely,” she says. “This phenomenal sales tool merchandises Keune minis front and center at the cash register and gives everyone the opportunity to try our wonderful products. You sell more of what you love, so when they try and love Keune, the products fly out the door.”
In addition, in an attempt to showcase Keune’s color-strong leadership, Modern Beauty Supplies has introduced a Colour Switch program that is available only at the stores. When a stylist purchases 36 tubes of Keune hair colour, the store will gift the stylist another 36 tubes to trade out, plus a bowl, brush and paper colour chart. “It’s a mini conversion executed at the store level and is very impactful,” says DiNapoli.
The trip to Calgary also afforded the Keune Executive Team the opportunity to personally visit and dine with four of the area’s finest Market Leader Salons—Hammerheadz,  Angles, Scruples YYZ and Pure Form Salon.
“I love meeting and learning from these market leaders in the industry, as we share the true Keune brand promise,” says Hoffman. “Just one reason it’s so valuable for us, as company leaders, to spend time in the field with our customers.”
Concludes Webber, “Our business is one that is built upon relationships. As it has been for almost 100 years worldwide, nothing is more important to Keune than the relationships we share with our salon owners. These professionals recognize a superior product, but even more importantly, they recognize superior people…and that is certainly an area in which Keune excels. We are always appreciative of salons who find the time to visit with us and share openly their thoughts on how to grow our mutual business together…all to the benefit of the salon client.”
Keune is supporting Modern Beauty Supplies with advertising in Salon magazine to share Keune’s story plus a custom color card. As Keune Haircosmetics continues its impressive growth across North America, the Modern Beauty Supplies team remains in the forefront of our brand’s success!

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