Show Clients You CARE

By | February 23rd, 2018

Every time you have a client in your chair it is an opportunity to educate them about the latest Keune has to offer and how it benefits their hair. One of our favorite ways to give back to clients this season is with Keune CARE. A line specifically designed to address a wide range of needs – whether behind the chair or at home – to ensure scalp health and beautiful hair.

Show Them You Care

Self-care and self-love have become trendy topics around the world. The first rumblings of these with the Danish notion of Hygge – doing things that make you feel comfortable, cozy or special – and see it continuing with concept of “self-care”. Stylists and clients alike are more aware of how important it is to treat oneself, to create a work-life balance and ultimately to take care of your body. This can be seen in small habits throughout your day or with a weekly treat. From getting a massage to a weekly blowout to deep conditioning treatment at home. How can you, as a stylist, adopt this lifestyle change? Spend a few extra minutes with your clients this season, show them how you care and teach them how Keune CARE will make them feel extra special.


Created with scientific excellence, Keune CARE is made up of 5 distinct minerals:

Zinc – with antioxidant properties, it helps aid with the development of new cells.

Silicium – is key for the formation of collagen and connective tissues.

Copper – promotes hair growth by boosting disulfide cross-linkages.

Iron – energizes the scalp while being responsible for protein formulation and carries oxygen throughout the body.

Magnesium – maintains a healthy mineral balance while providing sustained energy production.


First of all, no matter the service, the consultation process is exceedingly important. When it comes to Keune CARE it is especially imperative. Be sure to chat with your client about their goals and what hair concerns they would like to see resolved. CARE works together so you can mix and match CARE products to create a tailored regimen for your client that is sure to make them (and their hair) feel loved.



Not enough clients treat their scalp on a regular basis, which leads to product buildup, dandruff, oily hair or lackluster results.

Derma Exfoliate is made to combat dandruff and calm the scalp.

Derma Regulate will balance an oily scalp and strands.

Derma Activate rejuvenates thinning hair while stimulating growth.



When it comes to conditioning, a healthy scalp will ensure happy hair. Let’s also make sure your clients are picking up the right conditioner for their needs.

Satin Oil is perfect for dull hair and will give it the silky, shiny results they are looking for.

Vital Nutrition is key for dry hair, it will leave it nourished and moisturized.

Sun Shield is for clients who love to soak up the sun. Anytime they leave the house their hair is susceptible to UV damage. Therefore, we recommend Sun Shield, it helps revitalize hair and add UV protection.



There’s nothing worse than sending a color client home without offering them a solution for home-care to keep color vibrant. 

Color Brillianz works to prolong the life of a client’s color. Therefore, recommend this for any guest receiving color, highlights or a gloss.



Due to the fact that natural texture and added curl was a huge hit this year, make sure the products you’re suggesting to your clients also keep them up to date with the trends.

Absolute Volume, because who loves limp hair?

Keratin Smooth will be a summer staple for anyone wearing their hair natural, without having to fight the frizz.

Curl Control is essential for all curly and wavy haired clients to help them control their undefined texture and create a soft, bouncy, frizz-free style.


Designing a custom Keune CARE regiment is about more than just great hair this season, it’s about showing your clients you care!


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