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By | February 20th, 2018

You probably spend a great deal of your time in the salon; crafting beautiful on-trend cuts, creative color, and finished styles for the everyday look. Your clients typically bring in a picture of inspiration from Instagram or a celebrity clipping from Vogue. With your skill set, you recreate them in their likeness. While recreating styles from images is a task in itself, going outside of the every day and Beyond True Beauty to create your own vision from scratch is so much more artistically satisfying. What you might sometimes lose sight of in the salon is: being a hair stylist means being an artist – so what inspires you to create something new?

What Is Beyond True Beauty?

Being graced by the True Beauty of your clients on the daily is just another perk of the job, but sometimes you need something more. We created Beyond True Beauty to satisfy your desire for creativity. An innovative new concept for Keune – it was brought to life by bringing together Keune Artists from around the world.

Ilham Mestour, Global Creative Artistic Director, Keune Haircosmetics, George Alderete, Creative Ambassador, Keune Haircosmetics North America, Marriët Gakes, Global Color Director, Keune Haircosmetics, and Roberto Tarla Creative Director, Keune Haircosmetics Australia and New Zealand were the driving artistic forces behind Beyond True Beauty’s first collection: Lost in Perfection, a convergence of hair and art.


Lost In Perfection:

Beyond True Beauty


Bringing the concept one step closer to you – the artist, Keune North America is offering a Beyond True Beauty Master Class at the Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta. Keune hopes to empower you to push the envelope of your artistic abilities while sparking inspiration in the salon. Join Keune Global Creative Artistic Director Ilham Mestour and North American Creative Ambassador George Alderete in Atlanta. They will teach you to gather fresh inspiration from the world around you and translate your avant-garde vision into reality.

 Class Details:

What: Beyond True Beauty: Lost In Perfection

Where: Keune Advanced Academy

3344 Peachtree Road NE

Suite 200

Atlanta, GA 30326

When: August 26, 2018




When it comes to hair, avant-garde encompasses anything and everything outside the ordinary. It can be seen in large sweeping movements or in the smallest, intricate details of a style. As tools and formulas have pushed boundaries, so have the concepts of avant-garde hair color. With a swipe of a brush or an extra foil within the hair, you can take your everyday ordinary to extraordinary. Looking to learn in person inspiration and hands-on techniques to push your skill set beyond? Don’t make your inner artist wait; get your tickets today before this one-of-a-kind experience sells out.

What To Expect:

To get a sneak peek and learn more about how avant-garde applies to in-salon hair color, we chatted with Keune Cosmetics Creative Ambassador, George Alderete. George shared that he often asks himself the question: “How will I create a unique palette with hair color?” While he goes on to explain, “Influence is all around us; in a room, on a fabric, and of course in nature. That’s where I see color coming to life.”

He offers up a bit of advice to those looking to expand their skill set. “First, reach out to those you don’t know personally but would like to know because of sheer curiosity or because you admire their work. Many creatives have similarities in their process, encourage yourself to reach out and take the first step. Enabling yourself to be involved will take you beyond any expectation that you’ve ever dreamt, and that is when one’s work will go Beyond True Beauty. Reach for the moon, what’s the worst that could happen? You fall amongst stars!”

Join George in Atlanta at The Keune Advanced Academy he’ll teach you to gather fresh inspiration from the world around you and translate your vision into reality.

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