Build Better Bonds This Season With Keune Bond Fusion

By | February 28th, 2018

One of the most revolutionary treatments alongside a color service has been the addition of Keune Bond Fusion – a bond boosting treatment – for all color services. Whether you’re going dark or lifting lighter, Bond Fusion is essential for beautiful, shiny color that lasts and improves the hair’s overall health to match its gorgeous finish. This three-part system starts in the salon and ends with home-care, so education for both the stylist and the client is key.

As Fashion Week comes and goes and a new whirlwind of hair color debuts, we’re positive your clients will be requesting fresh hues for the season ahead. The best way to prepare for their upcoming change is to educate your guests about switching up their shade. How to do this? Pre-booking their next salon appointment, using the proper post-hair color home-care and making sure your clients understand what a bond boosting treatment is. Treatments like Keune Bond Fusion will help transform their hair. Providing your give clients with the right tools to keep hair healthy ensures everyone feels positive about the experience.



The Steps:

1 – Build

No reformulating or extra processing time is required during the first phase of the treatment. Simply add Bond Builder to your formula as directed. During processing, polymers and proteins identical to those naturally found in the hair will work to repair broken bonds (and even create new ones) from the inside out with Keune’s Protein Fusion System. This will give hair the strength it needs during the color process.


2 – Enhance

During the Bond Enhancer phase, a nourishing and restorative treatment is applied to the hair (at the shampoo bowl), which takes care of those newly formed bonds. It will seal strands to ensure longer-lasting conditioning, all while strengthening the hair. Using After Color Shampoo, cleanse the hair of color or lightener then apply Phase 2 (Bond Enhancer). Leave Phase 2 on for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. If a toning service is being performed, apply toner after shampooing and then simply rinse toner before applying Phase 2.


3 – Recharge

Home-care can be just as important as a salon service. Therefore it is critical to educate your clients about phase 3. Applying the Bond Recharger at home will prolong the effects of the salon Bond Fusion treatment, giving your clients long-lasting color and shine in between visits. Instruct them to apply the cream to towel-dried hair before shampooing, leave on for at least 5 minutes and then rinse, cleanse and condition as usual.

Aside from color, Keune Bond Fusion can also transform overall hair health, whether performing a color service or not. It can be used to drastically improve hair during a perm or straightening treatment. Or even as an add-on deep conditioning treatment and is the perfect service for clients with texture.


Why You’ll Love Keune Bond Fusion:

With revitalized bonds, you’ll achieve better tones and healthier, richer color for your clients. Keune Bond Fusion helps you achieve up to 43% less breakage. This means you achieve high-level lifts with longer lasting results without the damage.


Why Your Clients Will Love It:

With longer lasting color and less breakage, your client’s hair will be easier to style at home, yielding better results. Giving them a task to carry out at home (Phase 3) will make them feel more involved in the process. Therefore more invested in keeping their hair healthy until their next salon visit.


Achieve color without compromise with Keune Bond Fusion.


Cover Image: Sergio Zamora

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