Big Hair Don’t Care – This Is The Key To Instant Volume

By | March 23rd, 2018

With 60s inspired styles making a comeback on the runway, buxom blowouts and big hair will be the next coveted styles of the season. The key to instant volume that lasts lies in the products you pick to create the look. Learn the differences between your favorite volumizing products to ensure the style you create starts off with a strong foundation and lasts with a perfect finish.

You’ve all been there, behind the chair, wondering which product to choose for your next client. By now, you know your clients’ hair by heart, but what happens when they want a change? Or, if someone new stops by for a specific look? A small level of insecurity bubbles up in anyone when they’re faced with something new. Arm yourself with the tips and tools to get the perfect look every time.

Cream vs. Mousse

While most creams can weigh hair down, Keune Design Thickening Cream will remind you why hydrated hair styles better and lasts longer. Provitamin B5 penetrates the hair shaft, making each individual strand physically thicker from the inside out. This means that the volume you create will stand the test of time. Its key component is the ability to strengthen while adding body. Creating a fuller appearance that is especially useful for fine/thin hair textures.


For best results: Apply cream to damp hair from roots to ends. Then simply blow dry and style as desired.


Design Mousse Styling Forte is a highly conditioning formula, this mousse has slightly more hold than a cream. It is great to use as a base for up styles or for longer hair that needs extra oomph!

DLP² offers double protection against UV and external influences, combining conditioning with styling; meaning it is perfect for blow-dried styles.

For best results: Start off with a golf ball size of product and work into clean, towel dried hair. If more volume is needed, layer product to increase hold factor.


Still not sure which to use for instant volume?

You might want to use both! Sometimes creating a product cocktail or layering where each is needed is the key to a seamless style. For more natural looking volume for everyday looks, cream will most likely be a great go-to. Looking for loads of volume with longer hold, a mousse is an undeniable choice.


Want to try both?

Contact your sales associate or local distributor for the latest specials on these amazing products!



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