JONATHAN DANIELSON: Sold 17 BLEND 2+1 Promotion Deals

By | January 3rd, 2017

As a salon owner in Minnesota, Jonathan Danielson relied on Keune hair color and the Care Line for years. When the company introduced the original BLEND line, he fell in love with the high-performing products. Then, the line was discontinued.


Now, flash forward almost two decades and Danielson is a distributor sales consultant (DSC) for Salon Services & Supplies in Arizona. He’s so happy that BLEND is back, and he has already sold 17 BLEND 2+1 Promotion Deals, thanks to his focus on amazing demos, the deal’s great value and the education connection. Even more amazing—14 of those salons are new to join Keune.


“As a salon owner and hair stylist, I loved Keune for its color results, performance, professionalism and dedication to the hairdresser,” says Danielson. “So today, it’s a no-brainer to share my passion with Arizona salon owners and stylists. When I learned that Keune planned to relaunch BLEND, I was so excited. I love the handsome new packaging with unisex shelf appeal and the pleasant fragrance, which is not overwhelming like so many products. But most of all, I love that you can mix up the products to create so many different looks!”


When Danielson first steps into a salon, he creates anticipation. “BLEND comes in a lovely case that looks top secret, so I play off of that and ask them if they’d like to see something so cool that it hasn’t even been released. They’re excited before I open the case. Then, I invite them to get their hands into the products and mix and match, as I talk about education with the BLEND Team, the launch event and the new BLEND cuts and styles.”


Next, he demoes the line, using his hairdressing background to his advantage. “I love dressing hair—especially updos, funky looks and braids,” he enthuses. “Keune BLEND has the perfect product, no matter what look I want to create. For example, two of my favorites are Volume Powder, which gives me fabulous grit for updos, while Gloss Spray produces amazing shine. I think like a hairdresser and ask permission to show them a variety of styles. Of course, they say ‘yes!’”


If the creative options weren’t enough reason to buy BLEND, the promotions deal is a no-brainer. “Keune has been very generous with offering free backbar with the purchase of retail,” Danielson explains. “In addition, Salon Services is giving free education, with VIP tickets to our two BLEND launch events. We’re making it easy for customers to say ‘yes.’”Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Additionally, he continues to emphasize education, telling stylists about the courses offered at the Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta and encouraging them to follow George Alderete (@ColorBoyGeo) on Facebook for the new color formulas and techniques he posts constantly.


As his final step, Danielson asks permission to remove the current products from the salon’s shelves and replace them with BLEND. When the owner and stylists see how beautiful the products look in their environment, they’re sold.


“It’s been a lot of hard work,” says Danielson, who is known for wearing a bowtie every day. “Stylists in Arizona can be set in their ways. I’ve made a connection and built trust by popping in to show them new techniques and tricks quickly without asking for anything in return. Now, they look forward to seeing me and are open to my suggestions.”

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