Help Your Clients Save Their Strands This Summer

By | July 1st, 2019

Summer is the perfect time to show off a new hair color. However, before your clients bask in that glow, be sure to set them and their hair color up for success with a few essentials. These tips are sure to save their strands this summer!


Start With The Consultation

Start the conversation by equating their hair color care to their skin care. Anti-aging efforts are widespread, which is why everyone has a great daily SPF to protect against sun damage—and if you don’t yet, now is the time! While they probably have their skin care routine down, they might be forgetting about their hair!

The most important aspect to emphasize is that sun damage is cumulative. Every time they leave the house, their hair is prone to damage from UV rays. Cutting down on exposure and safeguarding their hair color with the proper products is a must!

Professional Tips

For a few insider tips, we chatted with Keune Academy Trainer Kara Kalamatas.

“Living in Chicago, our summer months are very short, so I am outside enjoying the sun as much as I can! Keeping my hair protected during that time is crucial. I do this by using the right products to keep my hair color looking great and feeling amazing, as well.“ Does this sound familiar? If this resonates with you or your clients, first start off by discussing their plans for their summer color choice.

Summer Trends

Many clients like to go light during summer and dark during winter, but the change doesn’t have to be as drastic as you might think.

“From a color perspective, I encourage my clients to embrace lighter tones of rich caramels and golden blondes to bring the sun-kissed vibe to their look,” says Kara. “Even if they have grey hair, it helps to soften the re-growth and any lines of demarcation. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to go totally blonde. Lightly placed face-framing is a beautiful way to add that summer touch,” she adds.


Product Picks

Once you’ve thoroughly talked through their wants and wishes, you’ll want to send them on their way with a few essential products. Kara asserts that caring for color during the summer requires a few must-have products to guard against harsh UV rays. Here are her recommendations!


Priming your hair before heading out is key. “Having the Keune Care Sun Shield line is key to maintaining and protecting the hair. Spraying Care Sun Shield Oil on hair before a day in the sun protects not only your strands and also guards the scalp against UV rays,” she explains.

Next, remind clients that aftercare is equally important. “After a day at the beach or pool, I always recommend following up with Care Sun Shield Shampoo and Conditioner to remove any chlorine or salt after swimming. The Shea Butter in this formula also helps to deeply hydrate and detangle hair. Finally, I suggest sealing the deal with the new Style Blowout Gelee to create a soft, yet voluminous, finish!” 

Sun Shield Oil


On that note, we’re also extremely excited to introduce the new Style! Be sure to check out the latest launches here and stay tuned on social media @keunenamerica for all the styling inspiration!


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