Keune Announces The New 2019 Bag Collection!

By | July 1st, 2019

For The Keune 2019 Bag Collection, we decided we wanted to switch it up and try something new. This new collection not only looks great, but it also serves multiple purposes!

To learn more about the collection we chatted with Keune Promotions Manager Rachel Litsky about the design and benefits of the bags!

“We wanted the bags to be classic, functional and desirable,” said Litsky. “It’s challenging to design a bag to appeal to multiple genders, but we tried our best to do so.” Keep reading to learn more about their function and flawless design and see the new 2019 Keune Bag Collection!


The Design

“Functionality was paramount during the design process; we spent a great deal of time discussing the purpose of each bag,” explains Litsky. “Something can be super-cute, but if it doesn’t work, what’s the point in using it? We also hoped that people would buy into the concept of a bag collection and ‘need’ to have one of every bag because they go together.”


What You Can Look Forward To From Keune

The new styles feature a backpack, a train case, a tool kit, and a hanging vanity bag! The great thing about these new designs is they work well for both stylists and their clients! This way, the salon gets to decide how to sell these promotions.

Created to complement and coincide with the new Style Launch on July 1, the beautiful, soft matte packaging and the amazing elements within make these new bags coveted items!


The Details


Backpacks are popular for everyday carry. We decided to equip ours with a water bottle and cell phone pocket on each side as well as a laptop sleeve inside.


Tool Kit

Perfect to stash combs, shears and clips, this versatile bag can also be used to store make-up brushes or any odds and ends you would like to stash for travel!


Train Case

With an amazing amount of room and structured sides, this protects all of your tools during transport.

Hanging Vanity Bag

One of the team’s favorites, this is the perfect place to store essentials for traveling in organized style! With the bag made to easily hang on a window or mirror, the top pocket securely saves bobby pins and hair ties in a zippered compartment, while the bottom section is the perfect perch for your cell phone.

Don’t have an assistant? We built one in! The design of this bag allows you to prop up your phone effortlessly to videotape your work or take the perfect selfie! Helping build your Instagram portfolio with ease.

Done for the day? This great piece can also be used as a cute clutch for a night out!


Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

Don’t miss out on this beautiful and functional collection! All four bags are included free with Style promotions or as an individual purchase. Contact your Keune distributor sales consultant about our Style promotions today!




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