Summer Shades We’re All Swooning Over

By | July 1st, 2019

Does anyone else feel like the seasons are changing at a rapid pace? Alongside the weather, color trends are evolving just as quickly. Every day, week, and fashion season, new hues are popping up faster than we can formulate! To get ahead of the trends, we’re detailing all the shades we’re swooning over this season, alongside a few of our favorite color formulas!

We chatted with Keune Academy Trainer Leah Vincent who filled us in on everything she’s seeing and how to get the look!

Bright Blondes + Added Dimension

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Blonde shades aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and this season, they’re taking on more dimension. “I am using foil, as well as balayage methods, to create the foundation for the look. Then, I love to mix in tones of Peach, Pink, Rose Gold, Silver and Grey to create depth,” says Leah. “One of my favorite shades is Sun-kissed beach. Think of the sun hitting a white sandy beach on a cool morning with just a kiss of warmth.


Caramel Cream

Image: @davidliimma

Brunette clients who are looking for a fresh summer finish can rest assured—just a few highlights are needed to get the look! While “ombrés” aren’t entirely back, the subtle lived-in balayage version of them is. Soft placement with open-air techniques allows you to highlight your best work. Lift only 1-3 levels lighter than your client’s base shade and add in a dash of Pink, Gold or Peach to achieve the creamiest caramel!


Ba-range (Barely-There Orange)

Hair: @darthvalice Image: via @blunt.hairstudio

Along with the weather, hair color trends are also warming up this season. Redheads and strawberry blondes are opting to add an extra hint of orange to their hues to achieve a shade that is on fire! Consider adding a few highlights to your red-haired clients or an all over wash of color for lighter levels. The added punch of color is just what they need for their color to stand out this season!


Is This Right For Your Client?

The best way to decide what summer shade is right for your client is by looking at their skin tone and eye color. This will help you decide on the initial color scheme – warm, cool or neutral.


How To Achieve These Hues:

95% of clients are previously colored. The first thing you’ll want to do when making a color change is to educate them. During the consultation, be sure to let them know that it might take a few color services to get their desired shade.

Second, select the products that will achieve the desired finish – working smarter, not harder. Keune has several options to use on color-treated hair: Tinta 2000 Super Blonde, 3000’s Ultra Blonde Series, Lift N Color are the perfect place to start.


Adding Depth To Your Summer Shades:

To add the depth back into the dimensional blondes, utilize Semi, Tinta, or So Pure colors.  For most of these trendy colors, the starting tone will need to be a level 8 or lighter. If a client is already blonde, use foils to get the proper placement – whether you’re using a block coloring technique, a color melt or a combination of these. Personally, Leah creates a combination of these on most clients to get the look.


Drawing Fresh Shade Inspiration

Leah loves to spend time in nature finding inspiration from things like fungi and wildlife. There are over 5.1 million fungi species that form in all different colors and shapes. She says, “When it comes to wildlife if you look at birds closely, the colors of their feathers are truly remarkable. From their color combinations to the placement of pops of color, these natural hues inspire me greatly.”

Aside from nature, many of the students Leah teaches serve as inspiration. She loves teaching techniques and allowing them the freedom to formulate. Someone always surprises her with something new and it is just proof that everyone can learn and grow at any stage in their career. 


Shades We’re Swooning

The basics of formulating never change. But this is also where many mistakes can be made. It is imperative to choose the appropriate level of the color based off the client’s natural hair color, their current hair color, the fabric of their hair (soft, med, coarse, straight, wavy or curly) and the desired color choice. Based on these ever-changing factors every client is different.


Take a peek at some of Vincent’s favorite formulas for different levels:

Semi Colors Grey/Silver

Grey can be achieved on a level 8, while Silver needs a level 9/10

8.17 + Grey

9.1 + Silver

10.2 + Silver

10.7 + Grey

10.81 + Grey or Silver

9.27 + Silver or Grey


Semi Colors Peach/Soft Pink/ Rose Gold

These can be achieved on level 8 or lighter

Peach + Soft Pink

Silver Lilac + Peach

Peach + Soft Pink

9.27 + Soft Pink

10g of Soft Pink + 2g of 0/44


Sun-kissed Beach

Can be achieved on level 8 and lighter

10.31 + 10.2

10.81 + 10.2

10.81 + Grey or Silver

9.25 + 9.27

9.25 + 9.31, 

9.32 + 9.27

9.32 + 10.2

15g of 8.17 + 5g of 8.38


For darker levels

7.24 + 7.35

7.18 + 7.24


Endless Shade Options

Remember that when it comes to color, with Keune, you’re the artist! Because shades can either be mixed in equal parts or with different ratios to achieve the desired result, the possibilities are endless. And, always remember that Clear can be added to any of these to dilute the shade to a lighter level.


Difficult Conversations

Has a client ever sat in your chair and requested a color you know won’t be flattering on her? Leah explains, “Most of my clients will show me a few things they are thinking about, but always say, ‘You tell me what is best!’”

“When this happens, I explain briefly about color theory and skin tone. Then in a positive light, I share the shade that will be the perfect blend of what they want while flattering their style,” says Leah.

If your client is insisting on a shade you know is wrong for her, explain why this is not the best option. If she still wants you to proceed, you will need to make the choice. Do you do it anyways or politely decline to do the service? Our clients are walking billboards of our work. Remember, our clients are walking billboards of our work.

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