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By | December 1st, 2016

About Michelle:

Some educators focus on presenting a technique or product. Keune Educator Michelle Fox focuses on the big picture. As owner of Vero Bella, a 10-chair salon voted the Best Salon in Frisco, Texas for the past two years, Fox developed a training program to help her team work smarter in the long-term and to connect more with their clients.
“My goal was to build a salon that was very education-minded,” says Fox. “I wanted to teach stylists how to get better at their craft, faster. In addition to teaching them color, cuts and styling, I show them how to make things easier, develop good habits from the get-go and launch long-term careers. Together, we set personal goals for each. For example, a couple of stylists had trouble communicating with their clients. I’ve helped bring out their personalities, so they can be successful. We’ve created a team-oriented culture in which we all help each other. Our clients love that we’re education freaks and, as a result, they know that we will take good care of them.”

What made you become an educator?

Fox became an educator for Keune six years ago, based on her love of the products and her desire to help other stylists and salon owners. As a member of the new Blend Team, she can’t wait to share her success strategies, as well as the edgy cutting and styling techniques, as she travels across North America on the Blend Tour. “While these looks are focused on millennials, the skills and techniques stylists take home can be translated into any look,” she says.

Fox has also worked with Chris Sulimay to develop business classes around his book, Shop Talk. “You can be a great stylist with amazing technical skills, but if you’re not taking care of business, you won’t go anywhere,” she says. “The business skills we teach will help stylists achieve success on every level.”

Fox’s big-picture philosophy plays right into her Keune classes. “When I teach a Keune Intro Class, I cover not only product knowledge, but I talk about how to use and sell the products in the salon. When people take my classes, they buy into product lines because they understand that Keune has their back in the salon and helps them achieve artistic, technical and business success,” she explains.


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