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By | December 1st, 2016

Get the Winning Look

Makeovers and color corrections are the passions of Jennifer Falzarano, owner of TLC Hair Salon in Revere, Massachusetts. But she never dreamed she’d be using her skills and talents to help a beauty queen capture her crown! But that’s exactly what happened when she met Kelsey Swanson who was vying for the Miss Rhode Island Miss USA title.

“When Kelsey first came in to see me, we wanted to maintain her natural color, which is about a level 5,” explains Falzarano. “Then about six months ago, we added some blonde tones using a balayage technique.” In September, Swanson returned with weathered and brassy hair from the summer, and needed some help getting it back to her preferred soft, vanilla blonde.

Find out more about the specific steps Falzarano used here during her time with Swanson.



To Achieve Kelsey Swanson’s Ideal Hair color, Falzarano worked the following steps:

      • She used equal amounts of level 5 and 6 Keune Tinta Color with 10 volume on the root area and balayaged with Cream Bleach and 30 volume.
      • Next, she toned Swanson’s hair with one part 10.7 Keune Semi Color and two parts Clear for 15 minutes. The 10.7 was used to cancel out the yellow tones that were still present when she took her color down, so that she could achieve a soft, vanilla blonde.
      • When Swanson returned to Falzarano later in September, her hair was weathered and brassy from the summer. Falzarano then used the same formula on her root area.
      • She also added 1/8 ounce of 6.19 Keune Semi Color, which is her favorite to add a little matte brown to any formula.
      • Next, she balayaged with Keune Cream Bleach and 30 volume.
      • She added lowlights to create dimension and refresh the faded blonde. For her lowlights, Falzarano used two parts 5 and one part 5.35 Semi Color with 10 volume.
      • Finally, she toned Swanson’s locks with one part 9 Semi Color, one part 10.7 Semi Color and one part Clear for 15 minutes.

The Result:

A beautiful, subtle balayage look with soft vanilla blonde, warm dimension and unstoppable shine. Her deep root area accented the color of her eyes and eyebrows, and the soft subtle blonde complemented her skin tone.

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