Top Color Trends from Intercoiffure’s Fall Atelier

By | November 1st, 2019

Intercoiffure is often referred to as a professional family, a club, and a gathering of like minds. Holding two annual events each year – one in the spring and one in the fall. The Fall Atelier takes place in NYC and gathers the community to connect and communicate. Members leave with a stronger commitment to inspiring and encouraging the hairdressing community with some of the top hair and color trends!

This year, Keune North American Creative Color Ambassador George Alderete was invited to be part of the Color Council and presented on behalf of Keune. He created a delightful color presentation that wowed the crowd! “I believe that color has to have a rhythm,” Alderete said. “It is a large part of what we do in the salon to create visual texture every day!”


The council is comprised of five Ambassadors from different manufacturers. They present on the mainstage for the entire membership. The theme this year was Connect and Communicate and, as a group, they called their piece Color Flow. It was a study of how stylists communicate and connect with fellow stylists and clients. Each council member shared his philosophy with color trends and the grand movements each of them sees taking place for the season ahead.         

We chatted with Keune North American Creative Color Ambassador George Alderete about the looks he created and what he hoped to achieve with the tones. “This year I wanted to feature a range of color I see as ‘trending’. With the popularity of pastel tones and fantasy color melts, this will continue to stay strong like a color that never fades,” he said.


Mushroom Blonde

With his first model, Alexis, Alderete created a soft, light mushroom blonde. On stage, he shared his method of blonding and expressed how cool tones are growing popular with clients this season. Then, he offered suggestions for the best practices of how to achieve a seamless end result with different applications and formulations. “The method I love to use is my Push & Pull Foilayage! It’s a simple method to push color (lowlights) and pull the shade up (highlights). I hand-paint between the foils to create the on-trend application of Foilayage,” said Alderete.



Lowlights: Semi Color 9.32 + Activator

Highlights: Tinta Ultimate Blonde Powder + 20 vol. for highlight

Glaze: Semi Color 10.7 + Clear 


Sunset Melt

With his second model, Rachael, he hand-painted ½-inch triangle partings alternating each section and melting the blend of color together. The result was a soft sunset of warm tones consisting of copper, coral, and pale pink. The combination gave a soft, glowing color melt throughout, reflecting hues of each tone.


Base color: 6.43 + 20 vol. at the base and pulled through the mid-lengths.

Ends: Alternate Tinta 9.04 and 8.34 + 10 vol. through ends.


Continuing education has proven to be a must-have within the beauty industry. The Intercoiffure event exemplifies that inspiration is also key to continued success. Of his experience, Alderete adds, “Having the opportunity to present at this prestigious event is exciting and worth all the pressure you can put on yourself. To walk out on stage and see larger than life personalities of our industry cheer you on with love and support is my biggest take-away! I can’t thank this organization enough for including me in this group. Watching other manufacturers present their collections and philosophize is one of the best ways to gauge how everyone is lining up their message to the industry. This offers insight on what we do, who we are and where our industry is heading.”


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