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By | March 18th, 2016



Keune Advanced Academy


Keune Academy programs now follow a three-level path—Foundational, Next Level and Creative—for cutting, coloring and styling.

Foundational classes make sure stylists know the rules. Next Level classes teach how to bend those rules. At the third level, called Keune Creative, hairdressers are armed with a strong foundation and learn how to break the rules with techniques like pasteling and working with direct dyes.

Third level classes create a totally unique experience. For example, Creative Color kicks off with an art professor leading attendees through the laws of color, the effects of brush strokes and comparisons between different types of art. “Hairdressers absolutely love it. It’s already become one of Keune’s pinnacle signature classes and differentiates us in the market,” explains Chris. “I’m very excited about this program!”

This quarter, we feature Master Correction with Roy Peters and Jay Marshlick, who will share the secrets that will help colorists simplify their lives behind the chair.

On the fourth level, during Keune Special Events like advanced programs and photo shoot sessions, attendees learn how to create their own rules, based on their sound fundamentals. In June, Keune Color Certification gives colorists the highest endorsement and confidence that will distinguish them in their markets.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

In addition, new business programs added throughout the year will help stylists increase their income as their creativity grows. Stay tuned.

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