Summer-Inspired Heat-Free Waves

By | August 26th, 2021

As the summer season is on its way out, it doesn’t mean one has to phase out their favorite styles, including those coveted beach waves. Instead of battling humid conditions and natural texture patterns, clients are looking to encourage the unique twists and turns that make a style truly their own. In addition, clients are now less inclined to use heat when styling their hair. Instead, they’re interested in learning how to air-dry their hair to perfection. In this tutorial, we’re touching on the best ways to achieve summer-inspired heat-free waves.


Why are clients shying away from heat?

Saving time and cutting down on damage are the two main reasons clients choose to switch to heat-free styles. Eliminating the heat allows them to streamline their morning routines while also improving the health of their hair. No matter what texture they begin with or the style they wish to achieve, upgrading their care routine can lead to endless benefits like improved color, less breakage, and more defined texture patterns. Elevated hair care also cuts down on the one thing everyone dreads — frizz!

The easiest way to jumpstart a healthy routine is by adding cleansing and conditioning formulas targeted at clients’ exact needs. A routine that includes Care Curl Control Shampoo and Conditioner, which add lightweight moisture, fight frizz, and define curls, might be just what they need.


How to utilize product layering:

Successful heat-free styles all have one thing in common — the perfect product pairing. By learning which products work best for your client’s hair type and a routine they can easily recreate at home, heat-free waves are within reach.

Product layering is the process of utilizing a few different products applied in a specific order to create a well-conditioned, frizz-free finish. Instead of trial and error, stylists should go through the routine steps and point out which products will help most achieve the desired result.


The steps:

  1. Prep freshly washed hair with Style Salt Mousse. The amount used will depend on how much hold is needed and the length and density of the hair.
  2. Layer with a touch of Style Curl Cream. For best results, apply the product to the palms of your hands first and distribute the product evenly before applying.
  3. While the hair is still damp, use a microfiber towel to scrunch the hair. The microfibers and scrunching action cut down on friction while removing excess water to speed the drying process and keep your texture patterns intact.
    *Pro-tip: Style Humidity Shield is a great finishing product, but you can also spray it throughout damp hair to define and provide free-free results.
  4. When hair is almost fully dry, apply a generous amount of Style Ultra Gel throughout the hair and scrunch to define waves where needed and a layer of Style Freestyle Spray to lock the look into place.
  5. Once fully dry, work fingers through the waves or curls to ‘break the cast’ created by the gel and spray. Breaking up the texture gently with one’s fingers will add volume to the style while keeping the patterns defined and smooth. Don’t hesitate to add an extra layer of Freestyle Spray as it is ideal for layering without giving helmet-hair.
    *Pro-tip: Looking for even more volume? Add Style Volume Powder at the roots and massage into the scalp to get texture, grip, and effortless volume.


Touch-up techniques

After your client has achieved the perfect beach waves, it is all about prolonging the look. You may notice a few fly-aways or excess frizz on day two or three. To refresh your style, use a combination of Style Dry Shampoo and Style Dry Conditioner to soak up excess oil and add moisture to create definition. Continue to add Style Humidity Shield as a finishing product to prevent further frizz.

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