Summer Care Tips for Color-Treated Hair

By | July 27th, 2021

Color continues as one of the most requested services in the salon, with more clients than ever opting for highlights, balayage, or single-process color. As we get deeper into the summer months, it is more important than ever for clients to switch up their care routines to fight against the external elements of UV exposure, heat, humidity, and lack of moisture. Whether planning a staycation or jet-setting to the tropics, clients are excited to get outside and enjoy the sunshine this summer, and we don’t blame them! They’ve packed their bags and stocked up on SPF, but before they take off, remind them of a few key steps to take to care of their color-treated hair this season.


Add Shine and Refresh Color


A Shine Treatment is, of course, a great way to add shine and condition while refreshing color. This summer, encourage clients to book a Shine Treatment appointment before and after a vacation to ensure their shade stays on point. Simply mix one-part Semi Color Clear to two-parts Activator or Activator Intense and apply to the hair. Let develop for 20 minutes before rinsing and voila! Your client will have stunning shine.

If your client typically books a root touch-up, highlights, or wants to enhance their natural tone, add a Semi Color Glow Treatment service to their next appointment. The newly repackaged and improved formula color range includes 14 new shades, so the possibilities are endless. The beloved formula has been enhanced with a unique Shine Complex to add 67% more shine, making it a great way to revive hair color year-round, especially in summer. With the addition of the new Nourishing Complex and Soothing Complex, Semi Color nourishes the hair and calms the scalp for a stunning finish and healthy feeling. For a Glow Treatment, mix one-part Semi Color, one-part Semi Color Activator, and one-part After Color Balsam and apply to the hair. A five-minute development time offers a soft Glow Treatment, 10 minutes a medium Glow Treatment, and 20 minutes an intense Glow Treatment.


Invest in UV Protection

Just like skin, hair is susceptible to damage from the sun. In addition, exposure to UV rays and environmental stressors will cause color-treated hair to fade prematurely or appear dull. For a quick and easy daily fix, clients should invest in Care Sun Shield Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil to cut down on product buildup from sunscreen, pool, and saltwater, while protecting against the effects of UV rays. Why they’ll love it? Care Sun Shield Shampoo mildly yet effectively cleanses the hair to remove all traces of sunscreen, chlorine, and saltwater. Following with Care Sun Shield Conditioner will nourish while treating and restoring moisture balance and adding shine. To finish, Care Sun Shield Oil is a hair oil that can be used daily and tucked in your beach bag for reapplication. This luxurious oil spray forms a moisture-locking barrier to prevent hair from drying out while protecting against UV rays. 


Enhance Finish


No matter the cut or finished style your client chooses, adding shine will instantly enhance any shade. This season, to help clients keep their color in tip-top shape, suggest they also add Care Satin Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as Style Brilliant Gloss Spray to their hair care and style regimen. The lightweight formula of Care Satin Oil will leave hair feeling refreshed, healthy, and effortlessly shiny while hydrating dry hair. The pièce de résistance? Finish any style with an all-over spray of Style Brilliant Gloss Spray! A high-shine appearance always shows off hair color in its best light.


If your clients are looking for a high-shine finish this season, grab this care and styling package that includes Care Satin Oil Shampoo, Care Satin Oil Conditioner, and Style Brilliant Gloss Spray at 20% off.

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