A Holiday Miracle: Introducing Keune Care Miracle Elixir

By | November 1st, 2017

Get your clients’ hair ready to party this holiday season with Keune Care Miracle Elixir, an in-salon, concentrated keratin treatment and the latest launch from Keune’s hair-care labs. Keune Educator and True Business Program Facilitator Lindsay Rice explains the purpose of the treatment, the steps to using it in the salon, how clients can use the at-home product and how stylists can maximize their earning potential with the quality backbar treatment and take-home product. With great care comes great hair!

Keune Care Miracle Elixir

What is Keune Care Miracle Elixir?

Keune Care Miracle Elixir is a potent keratin treatment packaged in ampoules, which can be mixed with any of Keune’s existing Care masks as a hair-repairing service in the salon.

Keune also launched Miracle Elixir Keratin Spray, an easy-to-use, at-home product designed to prolong the restorative effects of the in-salon treatment.

What is the purpose of Miracle Elixir?

The purpose of Miracle Elixir is to mimic the hair’s natural keratin to repair damaged hair from the outside to the inside of the hair strand. Miracle Elixir reduces hair damage by up to 80 percent in a single use and leaves the hair feeling revitalized, quenched and smoother—more manageable than before. Hair is two times softer after a single use. 

It’s a miracle—performed by you!

What type(s) of hair can Miracle Elixir be used on?

Miracle Elixir may be used on any type of hair.

What are its active ingredients?

Keratin, hydrolyzed keratin and oxidized keratin.

What are the step-by-step instructions for using Miracle Elixir on clients?

A Miracle Elixir concentrated keratin service consists of a hair diagnosis, a gentle shampoo, relaxing scalp massage and a restorative mask, enriched with Miracle Elixir.

  • Cleanse hair with any desired Keune shampoo.
  • Next, choose any of the Keune Care masks for a custom solution to any hair type.
  • In a mixing bowl, add 1 ampoule (2 ml) of Miracle Elixir to 15g of hair mask and mix until blended. (For long or very damaged hair, use 2 ampoules (4 ml) and 30g of mask.)
  • Apply evenly on the hair.
  • Wrap a warm towel around the client’s head to elevate the service and boost the product’s effectiveness.
  • Leave on for the hair for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse and style hair as desired. 

A client should receive this in-salon treatment every six weeks (standard timing for a color process) for optimal maintenance.

What are the take-home retail sale opportunities with Miracle Elixir?

The suggested at-home maintenance for the Miracle Elixir in-salon service is Keune Care Miracle Elixir Keratin Spray, any Keune Care shampoo and conditioner, as well as a Care hair mask.

Long after they have left the “hair chair,” if you will, guests can be caring for their hair in the exact way we, their stylists, would be treating their hair in the salon, yet in the comfort of their homes with the new Care line hair masks. Not to mention, the hair mask processing time is only three to five minutes! That minuscule amount of time allows for maximum hair care with minimal effort. Hair masks are often viewed as a luxury item, but truly are essential to the care and vital replenishment of the hair.

How should a client use the at-home Miracle Elixir product?

The home treatment spray could be used after every shampoo wash on damp hair. Do not rinse and style as desired. Effects of the at-home spray will last until the next shampoo. A client should receive the in-salon treatment every six weeks (standard timing for a color process).

What can a stylist say to sell this hair booster to clients?

Use the initial hair consultation as an opportunity to upgrade the guest’s salon experience and to mention Miracle Elixir. You can ask your guest a simple question, such as “Who doesn’t want to add more shine and manageability to their hair?”, “May I share a new liquid tool you can add to your collection that would give you all of those benefits in the ease of a mist bottle?” or “Have you ever wanted to have beat static and control flyaways in your hair as the cold season sets in?”

Also, as the mother of two children, I always gift hair masks to my children’s teachers for the holidays because it is something everyone can benefit from and something everyone needs. Stylists can encourage clients to feed their hair this holiday season—something they wear every day! 

What else should stylists know about Keune Care Miracle Elixir?

The service profit on a standard application of this treatment at the back bar is $20.47. If you were to offer this treatment to nine guests a day and only five took you up on your offering, you would stand to profit $102.35 for one day in the salon. On average, a full-time stylist works 16 days a month. If they netted $102.35 daily for 16 days, the total of additional upgrade money would be $1,637.60 per month. If you were to continue to offer this upgraded salon experience for 12 months, that becomes a profit of $19,651.20. That would be an almost $20,000 raise for just one stylist in the salon all because they were offering a necessary service to accompany their color work within the salon. The at-home liquid tool sales have not even been factored into the equation yet! It’s an amazing opportunity for the guest to have better hair and for the stylist to have a better quality of life.

Interested in Keune Care Miracle Elixir for your salon? Contact your distributor sales consultant, and don’t miss our introductory package promotion with more than 40% savings!

Read more about Keune’s history of innovation throughout our 95 years HERE.

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