Five Flattering Haircuts Just in Time for Fall

By | August 12th, 2020

As we look ahead to cooler days, the perfect time to change up your look is near. The upcoming fall season calls for shorter, softer looks with a subtle edge. Don’t be surprised to see texture continue its reign. Expect to see haircuts take a cue from summer’s hottest trends toward enhancing natural texture patterns. If you’re looking for a fresh, flattering haircut or to help your clients change up their style, keep reading to learn the five best haircuts for fall 2020

The Faux Shag

One of this years most surprisingly flattering cuts is the new faux shag. Unlike the past choppy cuts on the likes of Jane Fonda, Stevie Nicks, and David Cassidy, the new take on this 70s cut is softer with more blended layers. Most notably, the new way to do the shag is customized; the cut can be tailored to complement a clients length and texture.

Traditionally, the shag was fairly short in length, falling somewhere around the collarbone. While the modern take is still layer-heavy, it can be longer for a more flattering effect. Fringe should be long, starting at the eyebrows with more length at the ends, and the midsection should have a decent amount of layers in order to create that shag look. However, rather than blunt layers, make sure theyre slightly more blended for an overall soft, flattering look. Additionally, simply add a few sections of heavy texturizing to complete the look.

Styling the faux shag calls for bringing out those layers. Work Keune’s Style Soft Mouse No. 44 through damp hair before diffuse-drying for full, voluminous texture.

The French Bob

The bob (and its longer cousin, the lob) has been a staple cut for years. This season, were going to see the look reach new heights. The French bob is a shorter, more angled take on the traditional chin-length cut. Popular in France since the turn of the 20th Century, the look involves a blunt, jaw-length cut paired with forward-falling fringe or soft side bangs. Its feminine, romantic, and flattering on a variety of face shapes and natural hair textures. Très chic!

The Soft Undercut

Think of this seasons soft undercut as the far subtler A-line; longer pieces in the front gradually and imperceptibly fade into shorter length at the back of the head for a flattering, face-framing effect. This cut is perfect for clients with thicker hair who want to pull off a shorter, softer look without that triangle effect so common on thick hair textures. The key to this cut is blending layers seamlessly, rather than creating a clearly defined line. 

The soft undercut pairs best with tousled, beachy texture; therefore, prep with Keune’s Style Instant Blowout No. 37 on damp hair for lightweight luster and shine plus heat protection. Blow-dry, using fingers to create texture. Finish with Style Dry Texturizer No. 61 for volume and medium hold.

Layers on Layers

Blunt cuts have had their moment; now, layers find their spotlight! As more clients embrace their natural texture, were going to see layered cuts make a return. Whether long or short, choppy or soft, layers are one of the best ways to accentuate natural texture.

To ensure you’re creating a finished style that highlights the waves and curls, texturize the hair with shears once dry, rather than wet. Remember, you want to enhance your clients individuality; forgo one-size-fits-all cutting and take the time to have a consultation to create your clients most flattering look.

The New Pixie

Traditionally, the pixie cut was uniformly short, with length about half an inch to three inches long all over the head. While the look was incredibly flattering on the right face shape, the new pixie is a little bit more universal and easier to wear.

Rather than one length all over, the new pixie is a little longer with slightly more length on the top. This updated cut allows for more layers and more texture—not to mention nearly limitless styling options. For a slightly tousled, feminine look, accentuate piece-y layers with Style Dry Texturizer No. 61. To create an ultra-sleek-and-chic effect, apply Style Defrizz Serum No. 17 and finish with a light mist of Style Brilliant Gloss Spray No. 110

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