Establishing A Care Routine for the Change In Season

By | May 25th, 2021

As spring brings a mix of drastic temperature and environmental changes, the transitional season wreaks havoc on any hairstyle. If clients are experiencing dry, dull, and damaged hair, support their scalp and hair health with a new cocktail of Care products that fight damage and create optimum results. Read on to learn the best ways to upgrade your hair care routine with insider secrets from Keune Technical Ambassador Amber Skrzypek. 


Start With The Consultation:

As with any change in style, circumstance, or season, add a few critical questions in your consultation explicitly geared for the change in weather. Ask targeted, open-ended questions to pinpoint the problem areas and provide specific product suggestions to address them. 


Seasonal Hair Care Regimens:

Products work the same year-round; however, your client’s hair needs will change, and is where season-specific hair regimens come into play. For example, even in moderately temperate climates, dry air or excess humidity can affect a finish throughout the year. Amber states the goal is to emulate the same finished result year-round when developing a seasonal regimen, which may mean multiple product changes throughout the year. 


A Few Favorites:


Satin Oil Treatment

This treatment oil is the perfect match for all hair types, including fine or thin hair, and works applied on both damp and dry hair. Amber adds that this miracle worker contains a beautiful blend of Maracuja, Baobab, and Monoi Oil to help soothe and heal dry hair while adding moisture and shine. The hero ingredient of this oil is Baobab Oil, which allows for water retention in the hair, leading to both a more moisturized and fuller finish.


Miracle Elixir Keratin Spray 

Send clients home with post-salon treatments to calm unruly hair and create manageability. This Keune Keratin Spray is the perfect follow-up to your client’s Miracle Elixir in-salon treatment and will continue to enhance their results from home. Formulated with coconut oil, it will add moisture and condition strands from the inside out.

Care Masks

Amber highly suggests using masks year-round, and with five glorious options, clients can easily change them up to match the seasons and meet their needs. Each Care mask is applied for at least 3 minutes, making this add-on easy at home or the salon. Consider adding heat, a warm towel, or a scalp massage to create even more of a spa-like experience.


How To Pick a Care Mask:


1. Satin Oil – High in moisture and very rich, this is an excellent choice for dry, dull, lifeless hair that needs rejuvenation. 

2. Keratin Smooth – Perfect for curly or wavy hair, this mask tames frizz, smoothes hair, and is slightly lighter than satin oil.

3. Vital Nutrition – The perfect pick-me-up for damaged hair that is also in need of moisture. Due to the protein-rich formula, this is Amber’s go-to for clients with compromised hair from either heat or over-processing. The balance of moisture + protein repairs and moisturizes hair and is ideal before toning services to even out porosity. 

4. Curl Control – Curly texture needs moisture year-round, especially during the winter months. This mask will add moisture and definition and ret

5. Color Brillianz – Ideal for fine, color-treated hair or anyone who uses heat to style. Amber also notes that this is the best choice for clients worried about mask treatments weighing their hair down.


Stay tuned for even more hair care techniques and in-salon treatments from Keune! 

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