Adding Volume With Ease 

By | February 22nd, 2021

Ditch your teasing comb for a quick and easy styling staple that works wonders in seconds and won’t have you brushing out the tangles later.

The secret to perfecting an effortless upstyle or undone chic waves lies in adding volume where needed. With modern volume throughout your style, you’ll notice more movement and carefree finishes. Are you interested in fluffing your natural texture? We’ve got just the trick. Keep reading for a few of our favorite ways to add volume to your style and one essential prep product that will change any look! 



Whether you’re sprucing up a pony or twisting a chignon, even just a bit of added volume will accentuate any face shape and create a soft, ethereal finish. We especially love adding this to second-day styles to refresh hair quickly.

For the perfect second-day look, spray Style Root Volumizer throughout the root area and follow by refreshing your blowout with a round brush and dryer. Then, spray Style Dry Shampoo at the root and allow it to absorb. Once hair is dry, work fingers through to evenly distribute the product.

Finally, pull hair back into its desired shape. The combination of these two products will give height and effortless volume to your look.

*Pro-Tip: Before blow-drying, spray Style Root Volumizer through the ends as well to create additional volume.


Undone Finish

Perfectly imperfect styles are not wavering in popularity. A slight bend, randomized curls, or tousled waves give off that calm, cool, and collected vibe, perfect for your next Zoom call, date, or family affair.

To get the look, begin by cleansing with a volumizing duo such as Care Absolute Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Prep with Style Root Volumizer at the roots and spritz Style Instant Blowout throughout the length before blow-drying. This combination will add subtle volume, protect from the heat, and most importantly, speed up styling time!

Once dry, use a tong or flat iron to add in randomized curls and waves. Finish with Style Freestyle Spray to lock in and add a little extra oomph!


Natural Texture

The natural look is here to stay, but not everyone knows how to make the most of what they’ve got. We all want to know how to maximize results from air-drying. The secret? It comes down to what goes into the prep, product layering, and finish.

To get started, cleanse with shampoo and conditioner that is best suited for your texture. For example, if you have curly or wavy hair, consider Care Vital Nutrition. If you have straight, fine, or flat hair, opt for Care Absolute Volume. Apply prep products to damp hair to enhance your texture. For curls and waves, a few of our favorites include So Pure Curl Enhancer and Style Curl Cream, and for a straighter pattern, Style Defrizz Serum and Style Straight Cream. Don’t forget to add Style Root Volumizer at the roots for lift: flip hair upside down and quickly blow-dry for a few seconds.

Allow the rest of your hair to air-dry. Once completely dry, separate your curl or wave pattern with fingers or a wide-tooth comb and mist Style Brilliant Gloss Spray all over to give a glamorous sheen.


Hero Product:

Keune Style Root Volumizer

This lightweight spray is the go-to styler for adding volume at the roots. With a soft hold and added shine factor, it allows you to reach new heights and hair goals, no matter the style.

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