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By | June 29th, 2016


Dear Keunies,

As you may have already seen from our Facebook and Instagram pages, a few of us on the Keune Haircosmetics North America team had the chance to rub elbows with world-renowned Russian stylist Georgy Kot in June. One of the world’s most visible stylists—with almost 1 million followers on Instagram alone! This was Georgy’s first U.S. visit. We caught up with him in both New York and Los Angeles with his favorite Keune Haircosmetics products in tow.

Los Angeles Recap:Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Jamezell Ottinger, Keune Specials Markets Director, attended Georgy’s event in LA, which was organized in collaboration with Keune distributor Elite Salon Services. The enthusiastic seven hours of stage artistry highlighted Georgy’s famous hair sculptures, including the popular hair flower, for a live audience. He made sure to share details about every Keune product he used and why they are the best, resulting in a sell out of ALL Keune shaping products onsite!

“In 40 years of being in in the beauty industry and experiencing artists from around the globe, I’ve never seen such an amazing facilitator and entertainer as Georgy Kot,” Jamezell says. “He is the ultimate showman, artist and trainer for his long-hair specialty design work.”

Go HERE to see pictures of this event.

New York Recap:

Organized in collaboration with Keune distributor Paramount Beauty, this entertaining Georgy Kot look-and-learn and hands-on seminar hosted guests both local to NYC and from as far away as Africa, Brazil, Canada, Oregon and India. I attended the event along with colleagues Leah Scherer, Keune Regional Salon Specialist; Shannon King, Keune Educator; Brett Kurri, Paramount Beauty Brand Specialist; and Donna Maggi, Paramount Beauty General Sales Manager.

I was thrilled to document our team’s adventures via social media as well as catch up with Georgy one-on-one, where he shared that he loved the welcoming energy and diversity of his U.S. audiences. A couple of product insights from our conversation:

His preferred products to use at the workshop and show: The Design Volume Powder, Brilliant Gloss Spray and Shaping Hairspray because these key products are the foundation for creating incredible styles with superior hold, shine and flexibility.

His favorite hair color, hands down: Keune Tinta Color

Go HERE to see pictures of this event.

Both of these events were a great success for Keune North America. They gave us a unique opportunity to build on our relationship with this international hair superstar and garner more brand awareness in the market.

We’ll keep you posted on updates as we plan for his return in 2017 to be part of the Keune Advanced Academy curriculum.

My best,

Rachael Hoffman
Vice President Marketing & Brand Development
Keune Haircosmetics North America

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