Why You Need To Re-Evaluate Your Scalp Care Routine

By | June 23rd, 2021

Are you experiencing more “bad hair days” than good? Your strands might not be the problem! It’s time to get down to the root cause; your scalp is the key to happy, healthy hair. To upgrade your scalp care routine, review these helpful tips to improve scalp function and achieve healthier hair.



Scalp care begins with your cleansing routine! We recommend a nourishing cleanser like Care Derma Sensitive Shampoo. Designed for sensitive skin and formulated with allergen-free ingredients, this shampoo significantly reduces scalp irritation. What you might not know is non-natural ingredients and added fragrances in shampoos are contributors to deteriorating scalp health. Fortunately, Keune formulated Derma Sensitive Shampoo without sulfates, alcohol, or color additives and utilized a low-allergen fragrance, making it an optimal shampoo for a sensitive scalp.


Just like we exfoliate our arms and legs, it critical to exfoliate our scalp. Exfoliation is an integral part of a healthy hair care routine because it can reduce any flakiness or dandruff you may have. Treat your scalp to So Pure Exfoliation Treatment! Gently massage it into your scalp when hair is wet, leave on the scalp for two minutes, and rinse thoroughly. Perform this scalp exfoliation treatment at least once or twice a week to keep your scalp hydrated and healthy.



In addition to the previous two steps, you will need a bit of extra care if you have an exceptionally tender scalp. In this case, a great option to boost scalp health is with the new Care Derma Sensitive Conditioner and Mask launching July 1st! The conditioner is a great daily addition to your routine, while the mask is perfect for weekly deep conditioning treatments. They are the ideal moisturizer for a dry, itchy, red, or irritated scalp. Derma Sensitive Conditioner and Mask soothe and calm an irritated scalp and pair perfectly with the Derma Sensitive Shampoo. 

Keep Up the Moisture

Now that you’ve washed, exfoliated, and given a little extra TLC to your scalp, it’s essential to extend the life of this care with Care Derma Sensitive Lotion. This hair lotion with a precision applicator tip is the perfect lightweight moisturizer to seal in the soothing hair care. Even if you don’t have an aggravated or dry scalp, the entire Derma Sensitive line is suitable for keeping your scalp in tip-top shape between your hair appointments!

Starting July 1st for a limited time, receive a free 200 ml Derma Sensitive Mask when you purchase a retail size Derma Sensitive Shampoo and Conditioner. Contact your local distributor for details!

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