The Top New Year’s Resolutions For Salons & Stylists

By | December 20th, 2018

The New Year is all about new beginnings! This year, we are hoping to help you make 2019 the best it can be by offering up ideas and initiatives as inspiration! Whether you are setting goals for yourself or the entire salon, be sure to carve out some time to plan out your resolutions for the year ahead. Read below to see some of our top New Year’s resolutions for salons and stylists!

Build Your Clientele

To keep and grow your salon clientele this year, you need to be proactive. The New Year is the perfect time to put personalized touches on all of your services. Whether that is a free bang trim, glossing treatment for returning clients or adding a braid to all blowout appointments – the details will really help you stand out. Additionally, send out holiday announcements or pick up the phone and call your clients. Wish them well and ask for their continued support. Consider creating a referral program with points or benefits that your existing clients can accumulate in trade for services!

Utilize Downtime At The Salon

All too often stylists spend downtime at the salon endlessly waiting for color to develop or clients to come in. Instead of waiting, use every minute you have to read up on new techniques, try out new styles on fellow colleagues, or reach out to your recent clients to check in on how they love their hair.

Learn New Techniques

Scan social media to gain inspiration from your favorite stylists or shadow a colleague or yours to learn new techniques. There are so many tutorials and guides online to broaden your horizons.

Work On Your Social Media

Utilizing social media channels is the best way to market your services in the present day. Posting regularly with a consistent style is key to getting yourself noticed! Be sure to have Facebook and Instagram pages that are solely dedicated to your craft, leave the personal stuff for your personal accounts. Next, pick a suitable background for your photos. Images on a light background with good lighting and minimal distraction always perform better. Use relevant hashtags, tag accounts of products or tools that you have used and be sure to geotag your location – these improve the chances of your work being seen. 

Take Breaks & Eat Right

With long days at the salon, sometimes you don’t have time or you even forget to eat and drink properly. However, eating, drinking fluids and stretching regularly is key to a long, successful career in this demanding industry. To be the best stylist you can be for your clients, you need energy and stamina to fuel your craft. Prep healthy snacks, keep a refillable water bottle at your station and make sure to set time for yourself to sit and stretch.

Enter Contests & Competitions

Each year there are weekly, monthly and even daily contests that you can enter to showcase your work. They range from color and cutting to styling and upstyles. Even if you don’t win, you’ll still have a goal to work toward. Submit your hair art and get noticed by brands and publications!

Attend Education & Industry Events

Education is single-handedly the most important thing you can do for your craft. New techniques and products are constantly being developed and being a great stylist also means knowing the latest trends and movements in the industry.

Increase Your Product Sales

Your odds of closing product sales greatly increase when you consistently talk about them. At the shampoo bowl, ask your clients about their routine and what they are/aren’t getting from their current routine. Then, discuss the product knowledge behind what you’re using on them, and why/how this product will help their hair. After explaining, have your clients hold the products and touch their hair to see the difference. Before they leave, suggest a few of your favorites and ask if they have any questions.


Here’s to a fruitful New Year!

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