The Top Haircut Trends of Summer 2022

By | June 2nd, 2022

We’ve already seen an array of new trends this season, but as we head into summer, clients hunt for bold new haircuts to refresh their styles. Looking for further inspiration? These cuts are bound to be some of the most requested in the salon!


The Bixie

Hybrid haircuts gained popularity the past few seasons, but the mixie has reached unparalleled heights this summer. A mix between a bob and a pixie, this look is fierce and full of texture. A style that can make a statement or be used as a transitional length, the Bixie is slightly shorter than a traditional bob and features the texture and volume of a pixie. Layers can be determined based on your hair type, but aim to include a great deal of movement.  

Product Suggestions:

This look will most likely require heat styling, depending on your hair type. Always prep hair with a heat protectant like Style Instant Blowout, which adds lightweight volume. Want to up your Bixie with definition and hold? Add Style Power Paste for a heroic hold. A small amount of this texturizer goes a long way. The water-resistant formula and matte finish ensure long-lasting style.


Invisible Fringe

The most low-maintenance option for fringe, invisible fringe, also known as see-through or faux fringe, is a look that can be tailored to any hair type. If your client is looking for a way to refresh their summer style without a complete overhaul, this is an ideal fit. It may require more styling than they’re used to but can easily be combined with hair accessories for a heat-free finish. 

Product Suggestions:

Fringes of all lengths and densities can be susceptible to flyaways and unruly moments, so having a solid hairspray on hand is ideal for anyone thinking about trying this trend. Style Instant Blowout should always be used before styling to cut down on heat damage and then followed with Style Freestyle Spray for a 24-hour hold and humidity protection. For added humidity protection, Style Humidity Shield is your go-to for lasting fringe style in the hot summer months. 


Cropped Bob

The Bixie isn’t the only short haircut trend making the rounds this season. In addition to this look, a modern take on the classic bob is also trending. The cropped bob, also known as the boy bob, is being requested. This look combines the classic lines of a bob with a modernized finish. The length usually hits around the jawline, similar to a traditional bob but features more texture and less heavyweight lines for a choppier, undone finish.

Product suggestions:

With the trend toward an undone finish, the cropped bob looks best with natural texture or even a “wet” finish. This can be created by working Style Ultra Gel through damp or rough-dried hair for a natural wash and wear feeling. Alternatively, add Style Spray Wax for perfectly imperfect texture after using a curling tong or flat iron to accentuate subtle waves.



Customized Face-Framing 

When a garment is perfectly tailored to us, it reads as sophisticated and elegant and one’s confidence exudes from within. This exact concept applies to a tailored cut.  As layered haircuts for both medium and long length hair are as popular as ever, a face frame customized to one’s features elevates this style to the next level for anyone. You can elongate or shorten the face, make it appear more narrow or wider, bring out one’s eyes, and more. Layers also work well for both those with thin and thick hair, although the technique for layering should be adjusted to such. 

Product Suggestions:

Styling face-framing depends on whether you wear your natural texture or not. For natural waves and curls, prep hair with Style Curl Cream to perfect and add definition to the natural texture. For sleek styles, prep hair with Style Straight Cream to ensure each lock lays smooth. Style Defrizz Serum is the best way to finish the style for all hair types and textures as its lightweight, non-greasy formula keeps frizz out and adds shine.

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