Summer Fashion At Its Finest

By | April 16th, 2019

This season’s fashion took cues from vintages past. From the 60s to the 90s, we see undone finishes take on classic polished styling. Hints of color become more subtle and haircuts take on a new vintage shape. With a plethora of new ideas for wardrobes, clients have already begun shopping for their new outfits for summer. 

While your clients are freshening up for sunshine and soirées, now is the perfect time for suggesting an update to their hairstyle. Need inspiration? Take a peek at our top trends of the moment and learn how to achieve the top summer fashion at its finest for your clients.


COLOR: Natural Tones & Touches Of Pastel

Placement is key this season as clients are looking for more low-maintenance hair color options. In preparing for a summer full of adventure, the last thing they’ll want to think about is touching up their roots. Balayage will take center stage, as more subtle hair color shades prove popular. With the latest release from Keune – Freedom Blonde Clay-Based Lightener – it will be easier than ever to give your clients what they want. The perfect tool for balayage and free-hand techniques. Freedom Blonde allows you freedom of expression as a stylist behind the chair. Update their highlights with our trusted toners or simply add Color Craving as an easy option for creating the season’s most coveted pastel hues


CUT: Polished Locks & Clean Lines

As styles become more polished, it allows those polished cuts to truly shine. Celebs and starlets everywhere are opting for shorter styles. From bobs to lobs and even shags this means your clients will soon come asking for a fresh chop! To achieve the best bob possible, be sure to use the proper products while cutting hair to get a clean, even line. Depending on hair type, you will also want to add in a great deal of texture to their style. From point cutting, slicing, and removing weight – it will be all about the shattered texture this season.


STYLE: Sleek & Classic Styling

If there is one thing we’ve seen popping up everywhere, it’s hair accessories. This 90s trend is back in full force and are the perfect way to polish any sleek style.

To achieve those classic blow-dries and effortless braids, you must prep the clients’ hair with the necessary products. Emphasize to your clients that the healthiest styles start with a high-quality shampoo and conditioner duo.

Then, they will want to follow with a styler that will protect their strands against heat styling and create a smooth, silky finish.

Normal and color-treated or damaged hair: suggest CARE Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream. Active ingredients will create a barrier around damaged areas of the cuticle to aid in hydration and protect against UV rays.

For damaged hair – suggest CARE Keratin Smooth Silkening Polish. This formula replenishes keratin in each strand to reveal a shiny finish.

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