Six Ways to Increase Salon Sales This Holiday Season

By | October 3rd, 2019

There is a subtle art to salon sales. It can be a great way to bond with your client over their style but push a product too hard and your client may feel that love is a bit disingenuous. Strengthening your sales skills can also strengthen the bond between stylist and client along the way. Instead of backing down on salon sales, ramp up your tactics this season with these six ways to increase salon sales this holiday season.


Sales Start The Second They Enter The Salon

We chatted with Business Development Manager Robert Narvaez who shared some of his top tips. He reminded us that merchandising is a key element of implementing a solid plan for the season. As holiday sales start to ramp up, be sure to set out a table or create a special section at the front of the salon where you can create a display. When clients come in, they immediately see the focus and it becomes a great conversation starter to jumpstart sales.


Go The Extra Mile

If you’re highlighting a product like So Pure – add plants like lavender or palmarosa to the table – this reinforces the ingredients and gives them a visual and aromatic element. In the case your salon is offering gift-wrapping this season, go one step further and add a few sprigs of lavender to every So Pure package for a special send-off.


Continue With The Consultation

After greeting your clients, the consultation should always be the next step even if they are regulars. Chat with them about what is and what isn’t working with their routine. Advise them on new products that are season-specific. Inform them that products they used during summer may not be working for their current needs and craft a new hair care routine they can follow for winter. Even if you only suggest one product to swap out, this will make a huge difference.


Timing Is Key

Like many things in life, the timing of your suggestion is key and can really make or break the sale. If they are preoccupied on the phone or are buried in a magazine or book – let them have a little alone time. Once they peer up, snag the moment to discuss your suggestions. Ease into the subject by bringing up the latest trends and let them ask you questions. Once they’re committed to the conversation, start subtly suggesting one or two products that will bring their style to life.


Create a Sensory Experience

Business Development Manager Robert Narvaez agrees that creating a sensory experience for your client can help bring the sale home. He advises explaining to your clients why you love a certain product and then put it in their hands so they can create an emotional attachment to it.

With a product like So Pure, the oils can easily be utilized throughout the service to create an aromatic experience that clients will want to recreate at home. Add a few drops of the So Pure Moisturizing Essential Oil to a warm towel and place it on your client’s forehead while at the shampoo bowl. Discuss with them the importance of self-care and how they can easily do this at home!


Send Them Home With Something To Remember

Even if your client doesn’t buy the product that day, let them think about it and bring it up the next time. If you want to leave a lasting impression, try changing up their look and utilizing the products to get you there.

If they always leave with a stick-straight blowout, give them a few waves and finish with something like So Pure Texture Spray for a lasting impact. When you walk them out, pull the one product you really love for them and leave it at the counter and let them decide.


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