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By | September 28th, 2018

Keune’s growing Special Markets team is helping more Cosmetology Schools than ever succeed. For two years, Keune has sponsored every event produced by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools and NACCAS (the Cosmetology School accrediting body), as well as major Cosmetology Student events. Director of Special Markets Jamezell Ottinger and his team, including Gina Sais Quoi, Special Markets Sales Manager, have formed strong relationships, from the School Owners to the Educators. Speaking to them in one consistent voice every month is their key to success. Helping them grow through Brand and Distributor education is also key.

“Keune is one of the few, full-service companies that consistently supports the Schools. They appreciate us as a result,” explains Jamezell. “We are supporting our Distributors’ relationships with the Schools, as well as managing those that don’t fall into one territory. Our goal eventually is to surround each School with Keune Loyalty Club Salons that help mentor, support and hire the Students once they earn their licenses.”

One School using Keune is Ogden-Webber. This Utah-based school is ranked as the No. 1 Technical School Cosmetology Program in the United States by EdSmart! The Owner and Educators pride themselves in offering the best education possible. Gina works with their local Distributor, Salon Services & Supplies, and new Business Development Manager Chris Back to make sure that happens, courtesy of Keune.

Gina also supports Athens Technical School in Athens, Georgia. Gina opened this door when she worked for Life of Riley Salon Supply. Today, the schools are in the process of becoming exclusively Keune.  Keune’s 5% education fund for Schools keeps education flowing into their four campuses.

In addition to strengthening their connections, Gina and Jamezell hold a raffle for a Tinta Color 24 Kit at the School and Student Shows. They then introduce the interested Schools to their local Keune Distributors, and support the relationships as they grow. Gina stays in constant contact, calling someone at every School every month to answer questions and provide outstanding service.

At the upcoming Barristar Student Show in California, Keune’s Educators will teach classes and Keune is sponsoring the popular barbering competition. The winner will receive the prestigious Keune Barbering Belt plus a 1922 By J.M. Keune Kit!

Keune is now partnering with about 30 Schools, with many more planned to join our network by 2019.

“There’s nothing more important we can do than to support the future of our industry,” say Jamezell and Gina.

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