Ross Marries Keune

By | September 29th, 2016


Ross Badgett III, owner of 12 Ross the Boss/R&Co. Salons in Knoxville, Tennessee, rewards his 30 top-performing stylists with an educational trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina, every other year. Now that Keune is the company’s primary product partner, the Dutch powerhouse supports this fun and rewarding learning event. When family-owned businesses combine their legacies and commitments to hairstylists and the professional beauty industry, the result is long-term retention, motivated professionals and delighted clients.
Ross Marries Keune

“We decided several years ago that we were going to marry Keune,” explains Ross, who is celebrating 40 years as “the boss” of his education-driven multi-unit salon company. “After the brands that I had carried for decades were acquired by multi-national companies, I looked for a family-owned company like ours that offered quality products. One of my stylists attended an American Board of Certified Haircolorists event and saw Keune there. She loved the education. I loved that Keune is not in ULTA or Regis. Plus, the Keune team makes it clear that Ross the Boss/R&Co. is important to them and that they’re committed to helping us grow.”
Hilton Head Hurrah

During the Hilton Head trip, stylists have the entire day to sightsee and enjoy the beach. Then, class runs from 4:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. with a catered dinner. The experience builds camaraderie and renews friendships between stylists.

Setting the Stage

Leading up to the trip, Tiffany Hannah, Keune’s Regional Education Manager, set the stage for the trip’s curriculum. She visited each of the 12 salons and reset the product mix to fit its identity, stylists and clientele. Plus, whenever a stylist from Ross the Boss/R&Co. attended the Keune Advanced Academy, Tiffany met with anyone going to Hilton Head to get feedback on how to make the trip special and valuable for them.

Trends and Techniques

Once in Hilton Head, Keune Educators Shannon King and Courtney von Berg (Courtney also works for Ross the Boss/R&Co.) staged a class on spotting and selling new trends. They had the stylists sit with people from other salons, then led them through the process of storyboarding trends. Next, Shannon and Courtney shared new techniques to help the stylists create those trends in the salon, and then helped them create those looks on mannequins.

“In the salon, stylists tend to fall back on their favorite techniques. The storyboarding pulled them out of their comfort zones as they tried new approaches to their work,” explains Tiffany. “Then, they were able to enjoy the moment and love the hair as they became better stylists and made new friends!”


The Keune Connection

Tiffany also created a special retail class for the salon coordinators. She explained each Keune product line to them and made sure they knew how much Keune values their support.

“We’ve developed a strong relationship with Keune and our team feels loyal to the company. It’s really nice when they go to the Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta and everyone calls them by name. We are proud to have three Keune educators on our team with others following in their footsteps,” Ross says.

Tiffany suggests that DSCs bring together different salons from their territories and provide the same type of education and inspiration. “At the end of the day, we all love doing hair!” she concludes.

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