Keune’s Silver Savior Is Saving Strands

By | August 29th, 2018

Whether your client is a natural blonde or blonde by way of your magical skills, there’s one thing that is for certain; your clients need a dynamic home care routine to keep brass at bay. This is why Keune developed the new Care Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner system. For shades ranging from blonde to silver, grey and white this formula will gently cleanse and condition while delivering brass-busting violet pigments. Keep reading to know why Keune’s Silver Savior is saving strands.


The Formula:

When creating this formula, Keune wanted to make sure that it got the job done while caring for the hair. While it is gentle on the hair, it is tough on tones with its neutralizing properties. With deep violet pigments, these formulas rid brassy or warm tones from hair. Then, Provitamin B5 conditions hair to ensure the strands stay silky soft.


Neutralizing yellow tones, this cleansing shampoo washes away impurities. Delivering a healthy dose of violet with our essential mineral complex.



We noticed that using a violet toned shampoo in conjunction with a violet toned conditioner delivered the best results for natural or color-treated blondes. These formulas also work wonders on silver, white and grey hair. With nourishing Provitamin B5, hair is left soft, silky, and ready to style!


The silky finish of this shampoo/conditioner duo is what makes it stand out. While other violet formulas tend to dry out hair and leave strands looking lackluster, Keune Silver Savior goes above and beyond to deliver conditioning results. Give your clients the best color and conditioning results.


Find the nearest salon or contact your distributor to get your hands on the new Silver Savior!


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