#KeuneCares: Keune Donates Hair Care Line Products to Good360

By | July 31st, 2017

Keune Care Line hair products go beyond caring for your hair to caring for communities. In an effort to widen the “Circle of Good,” through its new #KeuneCares program, Keune joined forces with the nonprofit organization Good360 and donated over a half million dollars’ worth of hair care products to help its cause this summer.

About Good360

Good360 is an organization that accepts both individual and corporate donations, no matter the size, and matches the donations to more than 57,000 nonprofits in need. Additionally, nonprofits can seek out specific products through GivingPlace360, an online marketplace that gives them access to the goods they need to fulfill their local community missions. Each year, it works with nonprofit members and partner companies to grow its impact by delivering more than $400 million in donated goods. It has donated $9 billion in product to nonprofits here in the United States and around the world.

The #KeuneCares Initiative

As Keune rolled out new Care with updated packaging and products to distributors and salons this summer, it was searching for a great way to give away perfectly good products from its old Care Line. “We at Keune are so excited to partner with Good360, which helps companies like ours help various charities, large and small, and keeps usable goods out of landfills,” says Gabriella Arenas, Keune marketing administrator, who facilitated the relationship. “We look forward to hearing the stories of how #KeuneCares and Care Line products have had an impact in communities.” Keune North American headquarters will be scheduling a Good360 pick up for the end of August, once all final inventory from the old Care Line has been accounted for. 

For more information about Good360, go here. Stay up-to-date on Keune news on our blog.

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