How to Add Moisture When You Need It Most

By | October 14th, 2020

Do you know the difference between hydration and moisture?

In everyday life, these words are used interchangeably to describe water content. However, when it comes to skin and hair care, hydration and moisture take on two different meanings from one another. The ability to discern between these two will answer what your true needs are, thereby improving the efficacy of your beauty routine.

Moisture Vs. Hydration: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between the two is their function and role. Hydration comes from water. The best way to hydrate the hair is to hydrate the body. Drinking ample water will ensure proper hydration in skin and hair.  Hydration is also achieved by using water-based products on the hair. Moisture refers to water-loss prevention. Moisturizing products create a barrier on the strands, locking in that water added through hydration. While both give a similar outcome of nourished and healthy locks, the path to get there is distinct. To understand which you need to focus on, getting to the root of your hair concern is principal.

Where to Start: Scalp Care

When it comes to self-care, scalp-care deserves inclusive attention. If you have dryness or dehydration concerns, the first place to start is at the scalp. Proper cleansing and occasional scalp exfoliation increases blood flow and eliminates product buildup so that the scalps oil production functions properly to aid hair health and growth. In other words, if the scalp has a significant amount of product buildup, water will not be able to penetrate and hydrate the hair and the hairs’ natural oils won’t be able to nourish the lengths of the hair.

Product picks for a healthy scalp:

Care Derma Regulate Shampoo – Containing Bio-Sulphur and Betaines to calm the scalp and regulate sebum production, This gentle, yet effective, shampoo results in a soothed, clean scalp with shiny hair.


So Pure Exfoliating Treatment – Formulated with a blend of certified organic Tea Tree, Lavender and Argan Oil, this gentle scrub treatment for the scalp removes buildup effectively.

Dryness Vs. Dehydration

Dryness may be caused by the lack of natural oil production, whereas dehydration may be caused by harsh products or environmental damage that strip natural oils from the hair. If the hair is overly-porous or severely damaged, the hair will not be able to hold onto water nor hydrating products and will need specialized moisturizing products to lock in that hydration.

Moisturizing and hydrating product picks:

Care Vital Nutrition Mask – This mask is the perfect pick-me-up for damaged hair in need of a little extra TLC. Formulated to build a barrier around each strand, it revitalizes, restores and moisturizes from the inside out.


So Pure Moisturizing Treatment – An intensive treatment for dry hair, this formula penetrates deep to restore moisture balance and repair the signs of damage caused by chemical, mechanical or environmental stress.


Care Vital Nutrition Thermal CreamHydrating the inner structure of the hair while providing a barrier from heat, this multi-purpose cream protects and revitalizes, leading to soft, shiny results.


Product picks for overlyporous, dehydrated or damaged hair:

Care Vital Nutrition Porosity FillerA concentrated cream, formulated with ceramides and wheat proteins that actively work to strengthen the hair fiber and restore damaged hair. Protect from dehydration, environmental factors and harmful UV exposure by adding a few drops onto damp or dry hair.


Care Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray  – Utilizing keratin protein, this low pH spray regulates the moisture balance to soothe the cuticle and results in hair that is soft, brilliant, and manageable.

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