4 Ways to Get Gorgeous Hair in Under 10 Minutes

By | August 30th, 2017

Whether you’re having a lazy styling day and can’t handle a 30-minute blow-dry right now or your locks became limp and sweaty in that lunchtime fitness class, sometimes you just need to know how to spruce up your hair in under 10 minutes. Keune Academy Trainer and Regional Educator Carrie Juhasz-Horton, who has fine-tuned the air-dried, curly-hair-day look herself, offers up the following tricks that cover four different “I need to get gorgeous in a jiffy” scenarios. You’ll never show up to work or a date with a bad hair day again. 

Scenario 1: You thought your blowout would last, but you woke up late with crinkled hair and need to make it look good for a big meeting, fast. 

The best styles to hide crinkles are braids, buns and ponytails. Carrie offers up the following step-by-step styling instructions for each of these quickie styles to get you great-looking hair when you’re pinched for time:

  • A three-strand braid is simple and fast. Prep the hair with some Keune Design Dry Shampoo or BLEND Refreshing Spray. Spray it onto the regrowth area and brush through to absorb any natural oils that have built up and to give a little fullness to the hair. Next, apply a small amount of Design Press Wax to the mid-lengths and ends to create a flexible texture for your braid. Gather hair low and off to one side and create your simple three-strand braid. Pull out a few pieces around the face and pull the braid apart a little bit to create an effortless boho-inspired look.
  • Buns—smooth, messy, up high or down low—will always be an easy go-to. “I really love the easy and clean lines of a ballerina bun, and keeping it on trend by styling down low with a center part,” Carrie says. Start by parting the hair down the center. Use BLEND Fiber Wax and a comb to gather the hair into a sleek low pony. Then, apply Design Dry Shampoo on the hair while it’s in the ponytail to create fullness. Finally, wrap the ends into a bun shape and secure with large bobby pins.
  • Ponytails done right can look totally chic and fresh. Begin by using Design Dry Shampoo at the regrowth area around the crown of your head. Use a teasing brush to create a soft, fluffy tease in the lower crown area. Smooth the hair over gently with the same teasing brush. Then, gather the hair at the occipital bone and secure with a ponytail holder. Pull some pieces down to frame your face and pull some pieces looser on the top of your head to make sure the style has some nice volume and a slightly lived-in feel. Then, take a small strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap around the ponytail holder, and use a bobby pin to secure. Finally, utilize the teasing brush to tease the underside of the ponytail to create a really full and voluminous tail. Finish your style with Design Society Hair Spray Extra Forte.

Scenario 2: You’re feeling lazy and would like to just let your hair air dry right into mermaid waves without it becoming a frizzball. 

“As someone who rocks waves on the daily, I have tried just about everything to get that perfect mermaid look,” Carrie says. “My absolute favorite cocktail to achieve this look is combining equal parts of Keune Design Curl Cream and Design Straight Cream to damp hair.” Curl Cream offers a soft hold and some bounce to the curl while the Straight Cream gives an amazing definition and frizz control.

Word to the wise: Never comb or brush your hair right out of the shower. “It will break apart your curls and create frizz,” Carrie advises. Instead, she recommends combing your hair with a wide-tooth comb while your conditioner is in it in the shower. Then, always scrunch styling products into the hair in an upward motion to encourage those springy curls and waves to form. Use a microfiber towel to continue scrunching in an upward motion until the hair is no longer dripping wet. “You can use a diffuser or, if you are super lazy like me, you can just air dry the rest of the way,” Carrie says. Once the hair is completely dry, use Design Salt Mist to give the curls some volume and that perfect beachy feel.

Scenario 3: Your blowout just got sweaty at a lunch-hour spin class, and now you have to head back to work.

Don’t despair, a hair revival can be done! First, give it a quick blow-dry to get any moisture out of the hair. To do this, use a paddle brush and wrap sections of the hair around its head in the opposite direction that strands naturally fall. Carrie suggests focusing just on the roots to remove the sweat that your workout created. Then, once the hair is dry, apply Keune Design Dry Shampoo or BLEND Refreshing Spray to the regrowth to absorb any oils and deodorize and BLEND Gloss Spray to the ends for condition, shine and manageability. Brush through it with the paddle brush, and you are ready to go. 

Scenario 4: Your hair’s fallen flat over the course of the day and you’d like to add some va-va-va-voom for a dinner date.

How can you refresh and volumize strands for a night out? Carrie’s go-to products to amp up the volume and revamp hair in under 10 minutes are Keune Design Dry Shampoo and BLEND Volume Powder combined. Here’s her unique technique: Hold the Volume Powder 3-5 inches from the hair. Point the dry shampoo directly at the volume powder, and start tapping the powder while spraying the dry shampoo. The mist of the dry shampoo will disperse the volume powder into the hair. Next, massage the combination into the hair for a max-volume effect.

With these pro styling tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to get gorgeous hair in under 10 minutes—and it will look like you spent an hour on it. Shhh, no one needs to know!

We have plenty more styling tips on our Keune Education blog. Rocking some short hair lately? You might want to read THIS about how to best maintain and style it.

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