Detox Your Hair – What It Is & Why You Need It Now

By | February 1st, 2021

A new year often inspires new healthy habits — from reading books instead of binging Netflix to regular exercise and more mindful consumption. In most cases, detoxing, both digitally and in the traditional sense, is a welcomed tradition for a new season, so why not take the opportunity to start with your hair?

There is no question that we’ve all become heavily reliant on products and routines that are easy and efficient. When it comes to hairstyling, dry shampoo and dry conditioner have become the go-to combo for anyone looking to stretch or refresh a style just one more day. If you’ve found yourself reliant on dry shampoo and dry conditioner this season, consider developing a detox hair routine to refresh and reinvigorate your scalp and strands.

Reassess Scalp Care

Alongside the uptrend in self-care, scalp care has also become a trending topic. Self-care enthusiasts alike continue to search for wellness upgrades, and when it comes to hair, it all starts at the scalp. From dandruff to shedding and inconsistent styling, detoxing your scalp can help reverse some of these common issues that plague many.

Where To Start

Dry shampoo and dry conditioner are perfect products to cut down on washing, heat damage, and excess styling. While stretching the time between shampoo’s can be great for your hair, it can also mean excess product build-up at your roots. When you wash, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully detoxing the scalp and strand by removing this product build-up. By adequately cleansing, you ensure a healthy foundation for the rest of your style.

Take Your Pick:

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to scalp care. Based on your concerns and needs, there are a few favorite formulas for each!


The Problem: Stressed Scalps

The Solution: Derma Sensitive

Whether you have sensitive skin or are worried about an allergic reaction, Derma Sensitive — consisting of Derma Sensitive Shampoo + Lotion — will gently cleanse and treat the scalp with utmost care. Specifically designed to preserve a natural pH of 5, this range soothes the scalp and decreases itchy sensations while hydrating and soothing from root to tip.


The Problem: Dull or Thinning Hair

The Solution: Derma Activate

A trusted solution for temporary hair loss, Derma Activate uses its Rejuvenator Technology to penetrate the scalp cells and stimulate the area. Leading to more body, volume, and shine, Derma Activate Shampoo + Lotion + Thickening Spray delivers essential minerals to revive fine dull hair.


The Problem: Dandruff

The Solution: Derma Exfoliate

Dandruff can happen at any time to anyone. Allergies, sensitivities, or a dry scalp are often the culprits. To combat the problem, the anti-bacterial properties in Derma Exfoliate Shampoo clears dandruff and halts flaking by relaxing the sebaceous glands — leading to a properly functioning scalp and happy, healthy hair.

*As with any hair concern, you should always consult your stylist for professional advice.

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