Connecting Colorists Globally – George Alderete Heads To Switzerland!

By | October 26th, 2018

Where is @ColorBoyGeo? Switzerland!

Jetting-setting George Alderete, aka @colorboygeo and Creative Ambassador for Keune North America, recently took his talents to Basel, Switzerland, connecting colorists globally.  As a guest of Michela Wagner, Senior Vice President/Education Manager for Keune Haircosmetics Schweiz, he shared a Color Culture Look and Learn Seminar with 100 Stylists at Keune’s Academy: The Loft.

As part of the process, George guided Keune Switzerland’s three educators through a Train the Trainer Session. This session is all about how to prep for a show. They started their day with a delicious Italian lunch. Then he led a hands-on workshop on color technique for about 30 attendees.

What The Experience Was Like

Being in another country was a unique experience for the educator. “Because we didn’t have translators, we presented everything visually,” explains George. “It was a challenge but a lot of fun!”

As part of the show process, George guided the Keune Educators through his creative preparation. He covered various topics like:

  • How to prepare a vision board
  • Creating a flowchart
  • Selecting models
  • Discussing the results with the models
  • Preparing swatches
  • Fostering your technique
  • Formulating and positioning the brand for each model.  
    Then, the Educators discussed how to break the rules to create the colors that grabbed their attention on George’s Social Media.

“The Swiss team is so technically grounded. They wanted to learn how to break away and be more creative,” explains George. He helped each select a palette and then apply their techniques to mannequins. They loved the results!

“Finally, we talked about how to position each model in a show with a specific line to demonstrate the range Keune has to offer through education,” he adds. “As an added benefit, this approach prevents you from using only your favorite products and getting in a rut.”

Staying Connected

Before taking off to their own Salons, Stylists shared their Instagram handles. That way they could stay inspired and connected, courtesy of Keune. Follow George’s travels for Keune on Facebook and Instagram at @ColorBoyGeo.

Be sure to follow @colorboygeo and @Keunenamerica on social media to see our latest travels and tips!

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