2017 Hair Color Trends: Keune’s New Dawn Color Collection

By | March 8th, 2017

Keune’s New Dawn Color Collection revels in transformation. It recognizes that a new hair color is an empowering way to celebrate a next chapter and highlights 2017’s hair color trends. The color trend collection is inspired by strong, real women and their real-life journeys.

“I love that New Dawn embraces every range of women. Hair color choices are made easy and simple—perfect for stylists to offer today’s trends to their clients,” says George Alderete, Keune North America creative ambassador.

The five inspirational coloring techniques in the New Dawn Color Collection and beautiful new shades of Keune’s Tinta Color, a permanent hair color, and Semi Color, a demi with durability, are designed to inspire stylists and delight their clients. Here, George weighs in on each stunning new hue.

New Dawn Color Collection

Confident Copper

Created with Tinta Color 9.04/Very Light Copper Blonde

This very natural coppery blonde shade is perfect for warm blondes whose hearts will beat faster for sunset-inspired tresses.
“I can’t say enough! This is one of my new favorites. It’s the answer to the new ‘blorange’ craze. Just add a mix color 0/33 or 0/44. The mixing ratio will vary, and we should always consider the starting level and the desired result,” George advises.


Daring Dark Blonde

Created with Semi Color 6.19/Dark Matte Blonde 

This twin sister to Tinta Color 6.19 pushes the Dual Coloring system even further. It’s strong when necessary, gentle when possible.
“This color is great for cooling down that client who always say’s she see’s RED! Now we can “cool and control,” George explains.

Fearless Lilac

Created with Semi Color Silver Lilac

“This soft tone on color is not loud in your face. You can use a color choice and have no fear using it! This is a great choice to have when toning unwanted warmth. I would use it mixing a ratio of Semi Clear in my formula,” George says.

Fired Up Violet

Created with Tinta Color 7.77/Medium Violet Blonde

Fired Up Violet is a bright violet-blonde show-stopping statement shade.

“Violet, violet, violet! Mix and blend with other favorites in the Tinta Color line to create rich a amethyst, lavender and what I call a new range of ‘beauty berries,’” George says.

Upbeat Beige

Created with Semi Color 7.18/Medium Metallic Blonde

This new, more matte blonde shade creates perfectly cool blonde-brown hues.

“This color is perfect when you want to refresh faded highlights. This new range offers a perfect lowlight to enhance what that the ‘bronde’ client is asking for,” George says.   

Check out Shari’s (above) story here: 

For more inspiring stories of the real women featured in the New Dawn Color Collection, visit KeuneNAmerica on YouTube.

Unstoppable Blonde

Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray

This professional-only product is perfect for neutralizing after a lifting treatment. The violet/blue-based product can be sprayed directly onto the hair to neutralize yellow tones.

Keune New Dawn Color Collection

This product is what I call one of my three B—Best Back Bar—tools. It’s great to have in your arsenal of back-pocket fixes. While doing a double-process blonde that requires a Simmering Silver Lilac result, I can spray it onto freshly clean hair after my color process, towel dry and then spray. No more mess! I can opt to leave it in, or rinse, depending on how much toning I want,” George explains.

Which New Dawn Color Collection shade is your favorite? Get more cut, color and styling inspirations from Keune here

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