Keune Introduces New Clay-Based Bleach – Freedom Blonde

By | March 11th, 2019

Giving stylists more freedom behind the chair, Keune is proud to announce their latest clay-based lightener – Freedom Blonde. This revolutionary formula contains Freedom Fuse Technology to ensure ultimate lifting. Rich in consistency, it creates a sheath around the hair. This ensures the product doesn’t dry out before it has done its job! Due to the continuing trend of balayage and lived-in looks, Keune is making sure its stylists have the tools they need to get the job done! To learn more about their latest release, we chatted with Keune North America Technical Director Amber Skrzypek, who gave us her top 4 T’s for success behind the chair.

From The Pro’s

“As hairstylists, I think it is important that we have all the tools we need for the job, no matter the canvas that sits in your chair,” says Skrzypek. “Freedom Blonde is the newest addition to the Keune Lightener family and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Designed for open-air techniques the Freedom Blonde System develops a sheath to encapsulate and insulate itself for even, maximized lifting. From natural low maintenance blondes to dimensional browns, Freedom Blonde allows you to create all the looks your guests are asking for.”


With enhanced results and a beautiful new consistency, you may be wondering if there are any changes to your application process. While it is similar to a traditional bleach, we’ve made improvements to the formula that aid specifically in free-hand techniques. Therefore giving you the freedom to create as you wish! Amber Skrzypek has a few top tips she loves to use behind the chair. She wants you to keep in mind when working with Keune Freedom Blonde. These will help you get a beautiful end result every time!

The 4 T’s: Tools, Technique, Tension, and Timing



When applying Freedom Blonde, work with a brush that has flexibility within the bristles. This is key to getting the result you are looking for because it will help glide the product on the surface of the hair instead of pushing it in. Remember to pick a brush with a width relative to the surface size you are working on. Ie. Use a 2-inch brush at the back of the head where wider sections are taken. As you continue to work towards the crown of the head and the face, reduce the brush size for accuracy and control.



For balayage styles and lived-in looks you’ll want to pay attention to the head shape and the natural fall of the hair. Using diagonal sections will encourage color movement and keep the placement looking more natural. When working around the face, I like to take small diagonal forward partings on each side of the part. This creates 2 triangle sections right on the hairline. Giving you a top and bottom surface area to paint, one on the part and one on the front hairline. If you really want a pop of color, saturate the ends completely for maximum lightness around the face.



Tension is key when using free-hand techniques so be sure to pay attention to your elevation. Changing the elevation of your section as you work around the head will help you keep control.

*Pro tip: When applying Freedom Blonde to the hair, use your arm to move the brush instead of your wrist, this will allow for longer brush strokes and quicker applications. Want to achieve a lighter look? Simply layer more product in the areas where you want to see the most lightness.



Freedom Blonde can reach up to 7 levels of lift on natural hair in up to 50 min. If you are still working on your application timing or looking for fewer than 7 levels of lift start with a lower strength of developer. Then, gradually increase the developer strength as you work toward the top of the head and around the face. This will create brightness where you need it most. Providing a perfect finish every time! Use this technique to improve timing as well as create a very natural sun-kissed look.

The Freedom Blonde System was designed to give you complete lightening freedom. By adding Bond Fusion into your formula, you can provide your guest with strong healthy hair. If you’re working on dark levels and constantly dealing with warmth, customize your guest’s formulas. Simply create neutralization by mixing Cool Boosters into the formula.

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