Tips For Growing Your Skill Set As A Stylist

By | March 15th, 2019

As we all begin to organize our lives and reenergize our career paths, stylists are looking for ways to increase their services and make more income behind the chair. While increased product sales are the best place to start another great option is the addition of add-on services to your book. This will not only help engage existing clients, find new ones and expand product sales, but it will also give you a new and exciting skill set to learn or practice! For a few fun ideas of how to grow your skill set as a stylist, we chatted with Keune North America Academy Trainer Carrie Juhasz-Horton! Here are the top 3 styles she suggests for the season ahead.


Look #1: Sleek “Boxer” braids

These are a great add on to any service and with the Kardashians often rocking the trend, they have become increasingly popular! “Boxer” braids are simply Dutch or inside out braids.

  • To get started, apply a generous amount of BLEND Wax to towel-dried hair and comb through for even distribution.
  • Then, Make 2 zigzag partings starting from the center of each eye working down to the hairline at the nape. This will create 3 sections.
  • Dutch braid each section tightly and cleanly for a super sleek and shiny look. Touch up any fly always with a comb and Blend Wax.

*Pro tip: you could accessorize with some hair jewelry to add to the look and your book!


Look #2: Braided Top Knot

For the demure client, this braided top knot packs a stylish punch!

  • Start by blow-drying hair using Blend Salt Mousse. This will add volume and texture.
  • Then, starting at the front hairline, create a football-shaped section on the top of the head. *Leave some tendrils out around the face for framing.
  • Work BLEND Clay into the roots and mid-lengths. Be sure to massage this into the hair to create fullness.
  • Create a French, Dutch, or fishtail braid starting from the front of the section to the back leaving the ends of the hair unbraided and secure with an elastic.
  • Use a generous amount of BLEND Volume Powder on the ends of the ponytail for added volume and lightly backcomb and wrap the hair into a top knot. Then, secure with bobby pins. 


Look #3: Braid Wrapped Pony

One thing is for certain, apart from her amazing new album, Ariana Grande’s hair has also been trending lately. While her bubble pony is drawing in a great deal of attention, we’ve come up with another fun way to accessorize it! You can put a unique twist on her ponytail trend by wrapping a voluminous braid around your elastic!

  • To start, apply a generous amount of BLEND Wax all along the hairline to create a super sleek, shiny, and polished ponytail.
  • Secure the ponytail at the high point of the head (this will be different for each client).
  • Take a small/medium section of hair from the ponytail, make a 3 strand braid and secure the ends with an elastic band.
  • TapBLEND Volume Powder along the length of the braid and pancake the braid for fullness.
  • Wrap the braid around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.

*Pro tip: dust your bobby pins withBLEND Volume Powder prior to placing them in the hair for extra grip!


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